Mccain's Attitude, Ego Have Changed


McCain's attitude, ego have changed


I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete disappointment with Mary Lou Lopez-Miller's response to the McCain Recall Petition.

First question I have is where has she been hiding?

"Senator McCain is upholding the Constitution and looking after the national interests," she wrote.

Where was he on the tax refund, the Patients Bill of Rights, and the Condit Scandal? These were all bipartisan issues that were implemented by President Bush, except the Condit Scandal. What did McCain offer for stimulating the economy?

Then he appeared at the meeting of the concerned parties for the new stadium site. Wow, no one listened to him, he was not the administrator/arbitrator he professed to be. He just swaggered and boasted that he could be "the man." The parties resolved the issue amongst themselves.

I have served in Vietnam also. That was 30 years ago. He was a prisoner of war, which helped him get into office. I even voted for him. So what does that have to do with his present status of mind?

He has become an egotistical, blowhard since his unsuccessful presidential campaign. Now he conspires with Derschel, Lieberman, etc. He does not align with the Republican agenda, only his own agenda. He is still portrayed "as difficult to get along with, stubborn, arrogant, etc."

Second question is where was she hiding in not detecting that the tax refund, patient's bill of rights, etc. was implemented by "I am a uniter, not a divider" mentality, and philosophical "We the People" concept.

Since Ms. Lopez-Miller does not appreciate President Bush, may I suggest that she return her tax refund. Or better yet, give it to her Champion of Rights, McCain.

McCain did a lot for the Arizona citizens in the past, however, this is the present. He has forgotten his constituents, his boss. I voted for him in the past, but the present will be different because his attitude and ego has changed.

David S. McElrea


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