Need Storage? Main Street Boxcars Up For Grabs


by Jim Keyworth

roundup staff reporter

If you've ever wanted your very own boxcar, this is your chance and you can't beat the price.

Former Rim country resident Clint Simmons, now a Colorado rancher and tree farmer, will give you a boxcar or two or three absolutely free. All you have to do is pay to have them moved from his place to yours.

His place is a 5,434-square-foot parcel of land at the northwest corner of Main Street and McLane Road, a lot Simmons has agreed to sell to the Town of Payson for $50,000 so it can be converted into a historic park. But first he needs to get rid of the three boxcars that have been parked there for the last half century or so.

He thought he had a taker when he agreed to sell the lots, but the deal fell through. That's why you can now own that boxcar you've always wanted.

The boxcars, which still have axles but no wheels, are in "excellent" condition, according to Simmons.

"They are ice cars, with a 3/8-inch steel skin and one foot-thick walls," he said. "There's an ice cage in each end that they would fill with ice and then produce could be shipped in them. There's a date in one of them when it was made 1938."

The boxcars are heavy 70,000 to 80,000 pounds, Simmons guessed but he has found somebody who can move one or more for you.

"There's a guy in town with a 50-ton crane and trailer who will move them," he said.

The cost to transport each car, Simmons guessed, will be about $1,500.

"That's a ballpark, of course, because it depends on where it's going," he said.

Main Street Manager Karen Greenspoon, who is helping Simmons find some takers, said the town isn't interested in the boxcars for a very good reason.

"There's just not a lot of historic value in them because there was never a railroad here," she said.

But that doesn't diminish their worth to someone else.

"In Parker, they renovated one and are using it for their Main Street office," she said.

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