Babies Deserve New Beginnings


Shortly after my wife gave birth to our baby girl, a friend of the family came to the house for a visit. She was holding our new baby, rocking her back and forth, and looking into the child's beautiful eyes. Without warning, the woman was overcome with sadness and began to sob. She hastily handed the baby back to my wife and ran from the room.

Concerned, we later asked her husband what caused her to run away. He told us of their decision to have an abortion a few years earlier, and how the choice still haunted her.

Too many young women in the Rim country will face this same agonizing choice. There is a convincing voice in society that will say it's best to terminate the pregnancy and get on with life. By choosing abortion, one life will end without having a choice.

The New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is another voice that has been quietly speaking to young Rim country mothers for seven years. The center recently closed its retail outlet, but continues to offer services at its new location at 408 W. Main Street, Suite 4, next to E & J Florists.

The volunteers at New Beginnings provide help for mothers-to-be and mothers of babies. They offer free pregnancy tests, guidance and assistance through pregnancy, help with providing formula, diapers, baby food, clothing and more. They provide educational books and videos about pregnancy, infant and child care and motherhood.

The center is not affiliated with any church or religion, and all services are free.

Sometimes the choice to end a pregnancy is made out of fear, because a woman feels alone, uncertain or unable.

The volunteers at the New Beginnings Center want to help make the choice for life a new beginning. The center is from noon to 4 p.m Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Spanish-speaking counseling is available on Fridays. Call 474-7466.

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