Drilling Is 'Robbing Peter To Pay Paul'



An open letter to Mr. Edward D. Armenta, District Ranger.

Dear Mr. Armenta,

I feel that the proposal to drills wells in the Mayfield Canyon area for potential water supplies to the Town of Payson should be denied. The town is already taking water out of the Star Valley area at the Calhoun Ranch field to water Chaparral Pines and Rim golf courses.

I am not a geologist, I am not a hydrologist, but I can see what effect the Calhoun Ranch Well field for the Town of Payson has on Houston Creek. I am seeing less wildlife in the lower Star Valley area.

It is only logical that if you take water from a deep well, as proposed by the Town of Payson, it drains any water from above which will have an effect on private wells, and the surrounding riparian areas.

The town simply has to understand that there is only a limited amount of water in the rim area and that the town has to live within that limit. Anything else is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Dieter Koerner, Payson

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