Negative Thinking Hinders Positive Growth



In the Mail Call letter, "Town's positive thinking' may be terribly misguided" (Aug. 3 Roundup), Otis Trimble had difficulty finding a positive thought, which is normal for negative thinking people.

For your information Mr. Trimble, the current positive thinking, progressive town council majority was voted into office by supporters of the Town of Payson, who all want managed growth and development for their community, including water.

Your negative assumptions were a far stretch from the true water situation in Payson. After researching the TOP water report by Michael Ploughe, and Buzz Walker's June 21, 2001 Water Report to the town council, I could not find any facts backing your claims that the town would run out of water in months, because of rapid growth. Also, there was nothing mentioned in the water reports that "whatever water is needed will be found, as if by magic," and "seeing treated sewage flowing from your faucets" is a far, far stretch of fact or truth.

As far as rapid growth is concerned, let's examine the growth from the census figures from 1990 to 2000.

According to the 1990 census, the population of Payson was 8,377. In the year 2000 census, the population was 13,620, or an additional 5,243 people. That is an average growth of 524.3 people per year.

Because of the slow economy, and the Town of Payson impact fees, current growth has slowed from the 1990 to 2000 growth rate.

Growth will continue throughout the Southwest, including Payson, Mr. Trimble, and managed growth cannot be accomplished with negative thinking.

I agree with your last statement, "where there is no wisdom, the people perish." I would like to add, "It is very difficult to obtain wisdom when your thoughts are negative."

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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