What's Up?


Q: Do staples in magazines interfere with the recycling process?

A: According to Jeff Durbin, water resource specialist for the Town of Payson, they do not. "Our co-mingled recycled newspaper bins can take magazines with staples," he said. "The modern processes have no problems sorting staples out of magazines."

Q: Did the giant tree in front of the Mogollon Grille fall down because of the rain or did it have something to do with the town's broken water main?

A: It was an old, 30-foot oak, and it toppled over Thursday evening about 6:30 p.m., according to Sue McIntyre, co-owner of the Mogollon Grille. The rain was the culprit, she said. "The ground got so saturated and there was just enough wind to push it over."

Amazingly, the tree fell so gently into the parking lot that it didn't make a sound or break a branch. Nobody was hurt, and the only damage was to the restaurant's fence from the tree's roots.

McIntyre also reports that one of the Rim country's many good guys came to the rescue. "Raymond Herrera was in here at the time, and he volunteered to go get his chain saw and take care of it for us," she said.

Q: Now that The Rim Review is no longer being delivered to Mesa del Caballo homes, where can I get a copy?

A: The closest outlet for Mesa del residents is the Mesa del Caballo Community Center at the corner of Caballero and Mescalero roads. A Rim Review rack was recently placed there near the front door. For others who live in outlying areas, the Rim Review is available at stores and restaurants throughout the Rim country.

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