With Friends Like The Council, Who Needs Enemies?



It was refreshing to see the United States Forest Service representatives listen to the issues on the subject of water pumping in Diamond Point/Star Valley with an attitude that seemed to indicate a fair and searching, in-depth analysis before they make a decision.

For years, it has seemed that the Forest Service in Payson, in areas of land and water, have been the lackeys of the special interest groups. It is nice to see these people now sitting tall in the saddle.

The Town Council of Payson, after declaring war on the people of Diamond Point and Star Valley, now are talking about their alleged need for water as a "regional problem."

Diamond Point and Star Valley people generally are not having a water problem, and if they had one, I can't imagine Buzz Walker and Ray Schum heading up the bucket brigade.

Talking about solving Payson's problems by making it a regional problem is about the way Hitler talked to the Polish people in 1939, just before the invasion.

With friends like the Payson Town Council and town staff, a guy doesn't need any enemies.

All that can be said for the editorial writer for the Payson Roundup of Aug. 10, 2001 (Council 'not a bunch of bad guys') is that the writer is a bad judge of character, or the writer does not understand the issue.

The people of Diamond Point and Star Valley were sitting quietly in their homes when the Town of Payson people said, "We want to come get your water. Not that we need it now, but we will need it if we are going to grow."

The town is attempting to rape the water from politically weaker individuals. The editorial writer is blaming those being raped for not quietly submitting.

For the Roundup to blame the Diamond Point/Star Valley people for the actions of the Payson Town Council is bias foolishness.

If the town built out, there will be about 19,000 people. They have said they had water for 18,600. With a little conservation they would be able to do better.

I was in Town Hall one morning last week dropping off some papers. I noticed that the drinking fountain in the lobby did not shut itself off, as it was designed to do. I went back the next morning just to see how conscientious the town leaders are about conserving water. No change; still leaking.

It is time for the citizens of Payson to realize that they are represented by a bunch of people who are, for the most part, disingenuous hypocrites.

Joe Wager, Star Valley

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