2004 Is Too Long To Wait For Change


Mary Lou Lopez-Miller admonishes us for working to recall Sen. John McCain (Opinions, Aug. 3 Roundup). Her reasoning would be valid if it were accurate.

But, she is to be commended for knowing the first line of the preamble to the Constitution. Few people do, or care, particularly women. They bear and nourish children, yet fail to protect that one guarantee for their future.

Of interest to all should be that there are more than 45 Democratic socialist House members (Arizona Rep. Ed Pastor is one) listed at www.dsausa.org, who are intent on destroying what little remains of this Republic.

To illustrate detrimental legislation, Sen. McCain co-wrote S.27, the "Campaign Finance Reform" bill (McCain/Feingold), which Sen. Kyl also declared unconstitutional.

Found at www.Thomas.gov, it pertains to First Amendment freedom of speech rights, as much as it does to "soft money." "New blood" candidates would be severely limited in challenging incumbents. Shelved, a part of the House is trying to resurrect this bill.

The McCain/Lieberman gun loophole (gun shows) will ultimately destroy Second Amendment rights to "keep and bear arms," leaving us defenseless against both foreign and domestic enemies of lawful US citizens.

Setting precedents is the aim of these politicians. Once a seemingly small freedom (such as smoking on taxpayer-paid-for-streets, or voicing dissent of homosexuals in the military or the Boy Scouts), a civil right, is snatched from us, bigger ones follow as in the catchy Clintonian phrase "hate crime speech." Say what you think, and you're suddenly a criminal.

Mexico's President Fox's campaign promise was that he would greatly improve Mexico's economy, developing thousands of jobs for his people. Why hasn't McCain confronted Fox (and President Bush) regarding the flood of impoverished illegal immigrants into the US, thus acting to protect the sovereignty of our borders?

NAFTA, we were told, would create better lives for our neighbors south of the border. McCain voted for NAFTA.

Least of all, have we forgotten Sen. McCain's POW status. The next time "Apocalypse Now" is on TV, watch it; human beings imprisoned for years on end in open-air bamboo cages was a reality. Full-term imprisonment at the Hanoi Hilton was not the norm.

And, when you can, closely watch a clip of McCain's release; he was healthy and could walk. While he smiled for cameras, his starved and broken-bodied comrades were carried out the rear exit on stretchers. Pilot McCain's fractures were sustained when ejecting from his airplane. According to his instructor, McCain was a "poor student."

This man, who wears his military record like a suit of armor, refused to demand that the Japanese government pay reparation to the survivors (1,100 in 1998) of the murderous and torturous World War II "Bataan Death March," even though the US government made reparation to Japanese Americans for their protective incarceration during that war.

Veterans groups from Phoenix, Tonto Basin and Payson all sent letters with signed petitions to Sen. McCain, urging him to support pressure on Japan to pay these reparations. He refused. His excuse? "Our trade deals with Japan are too sensitive." A direct quote from a letter we received from Sen. McCain.

2004 is too long to wait. The Constitution dictates that, upon recognizing illegalities, all able citizens must do their civic duty, presenting the government with a list of "grievances and a demand for re-dress."

If more people took this action, we'd see fewer traitors and less corruption.

Our invitation to registered voters to sign the recall McCain petition stands. School is in session, therefore new hours at 110 S. Forest Park Dr.)off Longhorn are 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Note: Mary Lou, we'll be happy to discuss this further. By the way, we've been registered Independent voters for nearly 20 years.

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