Law Already Governs Background Checks



I couldn't help but read with astonishment the "Street Talk" column in the Aug. 10 edition of the Payson Roundup.

The question was asked, "Should legislation be passed requiring background checks and otherwise regulating the purchase of guns at gun shows."

This time our own local media has perpetuated the gun show loophole "myth."

The paper didn't include the fact that federal law requires every federal firearms licensed dealer who sells a firearm to anyone, regardless of location, perform a criminal background check. This is commonly referred to as the "Brady Law." It doesn't matter if the sale is in the gun store, the parking lot or a gun show. The paperwork must be filled out and DPS firearms clearance center called to get an OK for the sale.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is the agency that gives the go ahead or stops the sale. Once the paperwork is filled out, DPS is called and a criminal background check is conducted. The sale is either allowed to proceed or it is denied.

I was amazed that not one of the four people featured seem to be aware of the Brady Law requiring background checks on firearms purchased from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Perhaps a better question would have been, "Do you think the NICS background check system is working to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or does it just inconvenience law-abiding citizens?"

Mike McLaughlin, Payson

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