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Q: We didn't used to have to pay for parking at the rodeo, but now it's $3. Who gets the money from that? And will there be a second entrance/exit at the rodeo grounds this year to ease the traffic snarls?

A: According to Bill Ryan of the Pro Rodeo Committee, the proceeds from parking go into the general rodeo fund.

Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department said the dirt entrance off McLane Road will be for contestants and emergency vehicles only. Rodeo patrons will still be restricted to the BIA 101 entrance/exit.

Q: If the town has an ordinance against people camping within town limits, how come they don't do anything about it? They aren't really supporting the businesses on Highway 260 with RV campgrounds.

A: "Yes the town does have a 'no camping in the city' ordinance," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "We do enforce it, but we try to work with people instead of arresting everybody we come across. We try to inform and educate, but we have enforced it up to the point where people are arrested. I think your caller is a little mistaken, but if they have a specific problem, we'd be glad to discuss it with them."

Q: I heard the chamber had agreed to "Shop Locally" by allowing Tonto Silkscreen to do the T-shirts for the rodeo. At the last minute, the chamber changed its mind and hired some company out of Phoenix. Is this what we can expect from the new management?

A: There were a couple of issues involved, new chamber CEO Bob Ware said some confusion during the transition to his leadership, and the fact that Tonto Silkscreen was not a chamber member.

"I was new to the job and there were two discussions going on at the same time," he said. "We went with an organization that's going to join our chamber from the Valley. When these decisions are made in the future, we look forward to buying from chamber members, and we look forward to Tonto Silkscreen becoming a chamber member. I've talked to them and they are wonderful people."

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