1931 Rodeo Program Should Be Considered Authentic



If disputing a lie causes hard feelings, excuse me. Yes, the 1931 rodeo program was published and printed by Carl Paulsen in Gila County, Arizona. For those apparently unfamiliar with Arizona geography, Payson is located in Gila County.

How can Stan Brown dispute the accuracy of the historical articles written by Fred Croxen in that "silly" program? According to the program editor's note, Fred Croxen "prepared much of the ... historical facts used in (the) articles together with a more detailed history of grazing and mining in Tonto Basin."

Interestingly, Stan Brown wrote the introduction to and edited and published that same history in 1999. Now in 2001, he claims the articles to be "full of errors" and believes oral histories of old-timers he never talked to are more accurate.

Why would Mr. John C. Chilson reconfirm the 1884 start date of the rodeo "many times" before his death in 1924? Also, where were W.J., Frank and Bert Randall's parents (since all three of them were under 10 years old in 1884 and had to somehow travel from Pine)?

In the acknowledgment of the 1931 program, Mr. Paulsen credits the merchants, stockmen, rodeo committee and Womans Club which sold the program for their contributions. To me, he doesn't sound like some out-of-towner trying to start a little paper.

Maybe Mr. Brown should read the program. I gave him a copy almost three years ago.

Pat Randall, Payson

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