Not Buying The Negative



To the letter writer David Engleman, I would request that if you are going to quote me, please do it correctly.

In my Aug. 14, 2001 letter in the Roundup, I stated, "the current positive thinking, progressive town council majority." You left out the words "positive thinking." Obviously negative thinking people cannot comprehend or use the word positive, as it never enters their mind.

Your letter in the Roundup (Aug. 17, 2001) is a prime example of negative thinking. The article represents the thinking of your small group of supporters, who are less than one percent of the town of Payson population, who would stop all growth in Payson, including a business like "the Door Stop," which is a low-water volume business, with high-paying jobs, that will bring new taxes and payroll to the town.

What you and your cohorts refuse to accept is that the majority of the voters in Payson want positive thinking, progressive people on the town council who will give them managed growth and water development, and new, high-paying jobs for families who already live here. The majority of the voters in the last election were people working in services, small businesses, or retired persons. They did not buy the negative, untrue, exaggerated statements that you and your cohorts used in the last election, and will not buy them in the next election.

I agree that 100 percent of the registered voters should participate in next year's election. But don't count on them buying your negative, misguided information.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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