Council Studies Revised Development Code


At 36 minutes, Thursday night's meeting of the Payson Town Council will go down as one of the shortest in history, according to several meeting veterans in the audience.

"I'm in my second year and close to the end of my term of office, and I finally learned how to handle these meetings," Mayor Ray Schum joked. "Just put it all on consent agenda and get out of here."

The council held a first reading on a proposed revision to the unified development code that would give the town flexibility in the application of street and parking standards. According to Community Development Director Bob Gould, the current standards were written so rigidly that alternate street and parking arrangements cannot be considered, even if adequate access for public safety can be demonstrated.

A first reading also was held on an ordinance amending the town code relating to street cuts and excavations by public utilities and others. Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett explained that the changes, including a requirement for a warranty on repairs to street cuts backed by a bond, were designed to protect the town against faulty repairs.

An extensive consent agenda that was approved unanimously included the following items:

Acceptance of two public utility easements from the Rim Living Limited Company for replacement of a water line from East Aero Road to East Main Street.

Approval and authorization to disburse $25,000 in public funds to the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation for an economic development facilitator to assist with the town's economic development program.

Approval of a library services agreement with the Gila County Library District for fiscal year 2001-2002, providing up to $122,200 in matching funds for necessary expenses of the town's library.

Authorization of a contract for $33,578 to fence the site of the new Airport Public Works Maintenance Facility, one of the first steps in relocating the yard from the property purchased by The Door Stop to its new location on Airport Road.

Authorization of a contract for $44,883.10 for sidewalks along Frontier Street from St. Phillips to Mud Springs Road to allow safer access from the St. Phillips area to Frontier Elementary School.

Authorization of a $28,821 expenditure for a fire department replacement vehicle, a 2001 model 4X4 Chevrolet Quad-Cab pickup truck to replace a 1994 Ford Bronco.

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