Powder-Puff Football Aimed At Raising School Spirit


If student body officers at Payson High School have their way, some of the highlights of the new school year will be greater school spirit and more extracurricular participation.

To get the ball rolling toward those goals, student body president Jeremy Greenburg and vice president Christina Riepel are spearheading a move to host a spirit night Saturday night that will be centered on a powder-puff football game.

Set to begin a 6 p.m. in Longhorn stadium, the festivities will include a soaked shirt relay, a wheel barrow race, a tug of war and the gridiron clash that will pit a team of freshmen/senior girls against a squad made up of sophomore/junior girls.

For the game, the players will be ceremoniously outfitted in traditional football equipment. But, the game will be played under flag football rules.

Players for the game were selected in a special drawing held Tuesday.

Freshman Tanya Davis was one of the girls tapped for the game, and said she's excited about playing.

"I was captain of the girls football team at Payson Elementary School so (the game) should be fun," she said, "but I wish it was tackle."

According to PHS student government sponsor Anna Van Zile, plans are also in the works to have a male spirit line on hand to cheer the two teams.

Freshman Wellington Cassuto, a standout basketball player and honor student, was being pressured by friends including Davis to join the spirit line, but was reluctant to do so.

"Do (the cheerleaders) wear skirts?" he asked.

Half-time activities will include the Longhorn band singing the national anthem and the choir performing on instruments of their choice possibly kazoos.

Sadie Hawkins dance

Following the gridiron clash, students are invited to a Sadie Hawkins dance in PHS gym.

The idea behind the game, Van Zile said, is for everyone to have fun and at the same time, build school pride.

But the evening isn't for PHS students only everyone is invited.

"Ultimately, (one of the purposes) of the game is to bring the community and school together, "Riepel said.

The proceeds of the $1 admission charge will benefit the school's student government.

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