What's Wrong With Our Justice System?



A dear friend of ours was assaulted recently at (a local fast-food restaurant).

This kind, slightly built, 71-year-old man was terrorized by four young punks right at the front counter. One kid verbally and physically terrorized him while the other three cheered the ringleader on.

What is truly amazing is that not one person in the restaurant spoke up to put a stop to the incident not one of the employees, not the 30-ish man with a cell phone standing just three feet away, and not one of the several diners who were seated at booths throughout the restaurant. They all stood by averting their glances, not willing to get involved while an elderly man was terrorized so badly that he was in such fear for his safety he left without ordering.

If the observers were in such fear for themselves that they were not willing to speak up, could a short 911 call have put them out?

What is wrong with our society that a thing like this can happen?

What is wrong with a restaurant that doesn't train its employees what to do in a situation such as this?

What is wrong with parents who don't teach their kids respect, courtesy and right from wrong?

But most of all, what is wrong with a justice system that tells our young people that they can behave in this manner, terrorizing, beating on and killing old people with minimal ramifications?

Kim Chittick, Payson

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