Citizens Awareness Committee Is Neither Positive, Nor Negative



A rebuttal please to Gordon Metcalf's letter (Aug. 22 Roundup) regarding my comments about the Green Valley Park/Main Street project.

Mr. Metcalf might be surprised to know that in my draft letter I had his entire remarks about "Positive thinking." For brevity, I took out these two words because they had nothing to do with his suggestion that a large number of voters voted in the present town council at the last election. That, of course, was not true.

I am not a negative thinker. I am a cautious thinker. Some think the town does not think at all. They just dive in.

Take the Door Stop. Certainly they would be a welcome business, but you might want to put a big question mark on the outcome of it. It may not fly.

Mr. Metcalf's frequent reference to a "small group of supporters" who would "stop all growth in Payson" is in reference to the Citizens Awareness Committee, better known as the CAC. They are not anti-growth.

The CAC is a growing group of citizens who are watching the town hall activities, trying to keep taxes down and taxes well spent. There has been an increase in CAC members shocked by the town going a million dollars in debt for a minor road rebuild and the audacity of the town to take water out of Mayfield Canyon, a major archeological area and a housing area of up to 3,000 people.

The CAC is neither positive or negative to the town activities. I can say that there is a large number of CAC members who have lived in Payson for a long time who are positive about one thing; Payson is on a rapid downhill swing when it comes to quality of life.

I would like to apologize to the mayor. He earned his votes from a variety of concerned groups who do have a positive approach to some worthwhile causes like the museum and the library. I am sure, though, that also there was a large number of votes from the developer/realty groups.

Oh for the days of being able to walk down the street with your sweetie or puppy and not be run down by some speeding car.

Dave Engleman


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