'Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged'



This is a response to the invitation of Jerry and Pat Parker (July 27, Roundup) who are opening their garage so people can sign a petition to recall Senator John McCain.

In my opinion, the people who want to recall Senator John McCain are like the children that Jesus mentions in Matthew 11:16-19. Senator McCain is a moderate Republican as anyone can verify by looking at his voting record these past several years. And those who are so outraged by his stance on various issues would seem to be a much more conservative type of Republican.

What is so wrong about wanting to give the government back to the voters and away from the large corporations and special interest groups? What can be so wrong with wanting to give people who have suffered injury from their HMO the right to go to court against them? What is so wrong for a senator being bi-partisan once in a while for the good of the people and the country

To quote Jesus again: (Matthew 7:1-5) "Judge not, that you be not judged. Etc..."

You say John McCain abandoned not only Arizona but our country. I defy you to show me a more patriotic and loyal American than John McCain.

Also, lest you think only Republicans deserve representation in Congress, more than half the Americans who voted in the last election voted for a Democratic president. As for Arizona, the Democrats living here have little representation in Congress. I really do not think that most people believe John McCain abandoned Arizona or the country.

You judge Senator McCain by saying, without giving any evidence, that he has failed to honor his oath of office to protect and defend the people, and to support and uphold our constitution.

Even in the United States, a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

You're blackening the name and character of a man who has honorably spent his life in the service of his country is most reprehensible.

You have the right to circulate a petition, but please do not insult him or the people who happen to think he is a great guy.

Ed Guerber

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