Main Street Projects Just Good Business



Congratulations and kudos to McIntyre's Mogollon Grille and the town visionaries who created Green Valley Park for being named finalists in the 2001 Main Street Awards competition.

Specifically, the Grille for Best Interior Renovation and Green Valley for Best Public Improvement Project.

Just making this prestigious list is quite an honor for Payson.

These two wonderful projects, one close to the entrance of Main Street and the other at the end of it, are great examples of what Main Street can become.

The Green Valley Redevelopment District efforts on Main Street have recently come under fire by negative and misinformed citizens. When you examine the facts on a national basis, it is clear that investment in Main Street programs is good business.

National Main Street Program facts*:

Main Street Programs in the U.S., 1,633;

Net amount reinvested, $15.2 billion;

Net number of new businesses created, 52,000

Net number of new jobs created, 206,000;

Net number of building rehabs, 79,000;

Return on each $1 invested, $39.2;

Average program life, 6 years.

I will keep my fingers crossed for the Mogollon Grille and Green Valley Sept. 5 when the Main Street awards are made at the Governor's Rural Development Conference in Nogales.

I also will continue to support the mayor and town council's continued progressive and positive efforts in the Green Valley Redevelopment District and Main Street.

Niki Billmeie

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