Pine Water Situation 'Obscene'



I find the politics in this county disgusting. Not only am I not a fan of Robert Hardcastle, who owns Pine Water company and Brooke Utilities, but I find it insulting to the intelligence of the citizens of Pine-Strawberry that this developer named Loren Peterson thinks we believe he is doing us any favors.

True, Hardcastle is dragging his checkbook when it comes to exploring fast enough for new wells, but we'd be fools to believe that Peterson is going to dig a well, and share it with Pine. Indeed, Peterson is only thinking of his bottom line as well. Also, where does he get off deciding whether or not the people on the waiting list for a water meter intend to build (or not). Gee, do you think maybe at least 75 percent of these people are going to build, and are being cheated by the actions of this developer?

In my opinion, Peterson's attempt to get Pine Water Company to provide water to Strawberry Hollow is obscene. What does he think the water meter moratorium is in place for ... so we can overbuild this small village that is already on a water conservation program with accountability? The well he is drilling may intersect with water feeding wells already in place for our community.

If Ron Christensen and the board of supervisors want to do something constructive, why don't they pressure Robert Hardcastle to provide more water, thus lifting the water meter moratorium a little each year?

Another way would be for the board of supervisors to keep the pressure on the Arizona Corporation Commission to make Hardcastle live up to his promises.

Last year was a drought for the entire state of Arizona. Not fun for anyone. It's a shame these businessmen care not for the community and the forest, but instead the almighty dollar.

Ginger Jeffers


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