'When The Well Runs Dry, Cry, Cry, Cry'



In answer to Gordon Metcalf, I have written an "Ode to the City of Payson".

This man, I suspect, is a cheerleader for the present town council. The new jobs he refers to are not much good if we run out of water.

I think he stretches his "positive thinking" if he thinks this town council can "develop water." They can spend our tax dollars to develop unneeded affordable housing. They can develop subdivisions that are not needed. But only God can develop water. When are we going to realize we have a finite supply of water and must manage growth so we do not find ourselves saying: Wadda we gonna do when the well runs dry, cry, cry, cry.

There is a little city in the middle of the pines

Its name is Payson, a city

of the times

A builder came to town who wanted Payson bigger

But to make the town grow,

water was the trigger.

So he went to the city,

Oh what a pity.

"I want to build houses but

I have no water."

He convinced the city fathers he was no squatter.

They listened to his plight

and asked for some dough.

Here in Payson you can buy nonexisting H20.

But where is the city going

to get this water

That the builder bought? He was no squatter.

Wadda we gonna do when

the well runs dry?

Cry, cry, cry.

Jim Matych


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