Positive Government The Goal Of 'Realistic' Voters



It seems that Gordon Metcalf's "positive" thinking approach, so often written about, dwells on other people's "negative" thinking about matters that they consider important to a majority of Payson's citizens.

"Realistic" thinking is not in his erroneous "growth at any cost" vocabulary because it's very obvious that he doesn't believe that many other people know more about what is happening in this town than he does.

Foresight has been lacking in this government for many years and still is. The water situation, that he seems to downplay, is very serious and should never have been allowed to reach this stage. Nor should needed infrastructure and air quality have been neglected for this long.

Instead of concentrating on these needs, they are proposing millions of dollars be spent on special-interest wants, such as in Mr. Metcalf's "positive thinking" self-centered approach. His almost immediate criticisms of letters opposing his warped philosophy might be an indication of a consortium of people with a dedicated special-interest purpose.

In the last election, 35.3 percent of the registered voters cast ballots. As Mr. Engleman said in his letter (Aug. 17 Roundup), a very small percentage of registered voters put the mayor and some council members in office. This is a form of minority rule.

If we get enough realistic-thinking voters out at the next election, I am positive that the majority of citizens will be better served.

Jack Jasper


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