Terrorist Suspect Speaks From Jail


Facing four counts of terrorism and a $50,000 bond, Raymond Boelens, 26, told the Roundup he wants to plead guilty to the charges and get on with his life.

During an interview at the Gila County jail on Nov. 30, former Payson resident, Boelens admitted he made several calls to the Gila County Sheriff's Department during the early morning hours of Nov. 1 threatening to blow up the jail and "kill the president."

Local authorities said the calls were traced to a residence in Palmdale, Calif. Gila County authorities contacted the FBI after the threats on the president.

In the interview with a Roundup reporter, Boelens said he does not remember making calls to the Payson Police or threatening a local business. However, police dispatchers reported that they also fielded calls that morning from the Palmdale address.

Boelens told the Roundup that he did not remember a lot of what he said and did as he drank alcohol and smoked marijuana with friends.

"I was with friends I grew up with and we started drinking at nine in the morning and did not stop," Boelens said. "I consumed two fifths of Jagermeister (liqueur) and smoked a couple of joints (marijuana)."

Boelens said he knows he called the sheriff's office, but does not know how many times. The first call came in at 2:37 a.m. and continued until the last call at 3:08 a.m.

"I remember saying the jail was going to blow up, and threatening to kill the president," Boelens said.

However, when asked about the comments he made stating, "tell the FBI to cram it," or the bomb threats to the Payson Police and a local business, Boelens shook his head in wonderment.

"I was pretty wasted, and was being stupid. With alcohol, you say things and don't realize what you are saying," Boelens said.

The wake-up call for Boelens came around 8:30 in the morning after the calls were made. Boelens said he had been asleep for possibly 30 minutes when the phone rang.

"I answered it and they said, this is the Secret Service, you need to come out," Boelens said. "I was still pretty wasted and thought it was a joke, so I hung up on them."

Boelens said he tried to go back to bed, but heard a loudspeaker coming from outside the house with the same announcement as the caller had made.

"I looked out the window and there were people surrounding the house in SWAT uniforms," Boelens said. "I knew I was in trouble, I freaked out."

Boelens, still under the influence of alcohol and drugs, said he thought only of ending his life.

"I started slicing my arms," Boelens said as he displayed the marks on the inside of his arms. "I had no thought of what I was doing. I stabbed my arm with a screw driver, hitting a vein."

Boelens was contacted by a police negotiator who he said, "calmed him down." He said they talked for a half-hour on the phone until he finally agreed to surrender.

"They wanted me to come outside the front door, but I was so weak because I lost a lot of blood, I laid down inside the front door and they came in," xxxxxxxx

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