The Fox And The Lamb Chops?



Kudos to Dick Wolfe. Now that's a piece written with candor. Some folks talk about candor (see Councilmember Ken Murphy's comments of self same day). Murphy, the candoreous one, must not forget candor is still to be supported by fact and talent.

The question should be asked, where does candor cross the thin membrane to bamboozlement?

Is it in electing a person mayor who writes a commentary letter revealing a gross lack of good candor? Also added in the mix is a lack of style and diplomacy? Does efficient management welcome a chaotic agenda and try to defend it with "the voice of the people speaking?"

Yes, it must be election time and gong time for tripe letters (mine included) like Murphy's commentary. Paysonites, please think through all the issues and be very careful of the candidates who tell-tale of how well they have served. Ask the question, "Could this be the one who was a major contributor to the mess using candor in lieu of fact?"

And finally, is this the tricky fox I want watching my lamb chops?

Anthony J. Alfano


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