Letters "Support" Councilmembers



I want to thank Bill Pike and Jim Winter for their recent letters to the editor.

The fact that they, along with their special interest group, disagree with Mayor Schum, Vice-Mayor Dick Wolfe, Councilmember Barbara Brewer and me about our position on the nonagenda public comments are doing the right thing. I consider it the ultimate ratification and compliment when those folks are diametrically opposed to the position we have taken.

In response to Mr. Winter's claim that the Citizens Awareness Committee is not an anti-growth special interest group, why is it he was quoted in a March 9, 2001, Roundup article about the CAC that "we are opposed to growth at all costs." I must assume that is why the CAC openly opposes every effort the Council makes to bring new industry and good jobs to Payson. Then in a March 23, 2001, Roundup article Councilmember Ken Murphy is reported to have said he can work with the CAC because they are a registered political action committee. A PAC is a special interest group, Mr. Winter.

With respect to Mr. Pike's ramblings, I am very proud of my employer's long history of good corporate citizenship and record of supporting Payson over the years. APS and its employees are a special interest group dedicated to progress in Arizona for the past 115 years and into the future.

Again, thanks to you both for the letters that affirm, support and validate my position.

Jim Spencer


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