Payson Already Branded



Re: Branding Payson into a household name.

Scott Flake needs to look no further than the Payson phone book for his "brand name image."

I'm referring to the name that this town has always been associated with, and that is: Rim Country. There are at least 22 businesses in the white pages that are named "Rim Country." Not to mention Rim Valley, Rim Rock, Rim Trail, Rim Shadows, Rim Review, etc. Payson also has a local website named Rim

Promoting a brand name image is an excellent idea, but do we really need a committee and a contest to find a name? Mr. Flake admits there are a number of entities that promote "The Rim Country," but there is little "commonality" to that marketing effort. So I would suggest to Mr. Flake that he and his town's freshly formed Branding Committee get busy and start marketing "Rim Country." As far as a logo goes, there are already numerous graphics of the "Rim" being used, and in my opinion, the only thing more beautiful than a view of the Rim is the view from the Rim.


Dean Shields


P.S. Maybe I'm reading into something that isn't there, but did I detect a note of sarcasm in the comment the town manager supposedly made about the town mascot (if we had one) would be a "Retired Swiss Cowboy?"

Yes Mr. Underkofler, it's time you find a new town, and hopefully you will keep your negative thoughts about the town to yourself. And I may be wrong, but I have always thought our "town mascot" was a Longhorn Steer, out of our respect for our Payson Longhorn football team. Please forgive me if I

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