Voters Will Remember, Judge Duber


On November 27 the Roundup published an interview with Payson resident David Colby, Gila County's commissioner/judge pro tempore. During his interview, Judge Colby spoke boldly about concerns he has over the allocation of resources between northern and southern Gila County. He also announced his candidacy for the elected position left vacant by the recent retirement of Judge Edd Dawson.

On Monday, Colby was fired by Gila County's presiding judge, Robert Duber.

Duber's reason for terminating Colby displayed bad form and was unbecoming of a judge who we expect to be fair-minded. He said, "The right to express opinions does not necessarily apply to Gila County judges," of course that's his opinion. He continued by saying, "Judges don't have personal lives that they can express discriminatory or accusatory things."

In America, all people have the right to express opinions. And judges are expected to be discriminating in determining what's best for the citizens who elect them.

Before the Revolutionary War, George Washington held a number of elected positions in a government controlled by the British Crown and Parliament. He expressed opinions about changes that would improve an unbalanced system. His convictions helped form the constitution which allows every citizen the right to question government without fear of reprisal.

It is pretty evident that, like the British of 1776, Judge Duber felt threatened by Colby's opinions and thus wanted him removed. Duber did a great disservice to Gila County and to himself one the voters will not likely soon forget.

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