Views Don't Necessarily Represent Cac



We know that election time is just around the corner when we begin to see letters in the paper such as the one Jim White wrote with a personal attack on me and on the statements I made.

Let me clarify the issue of my being a "spokesperson for the CAC."

Mr. White, I am and have been a member of the Citizen's Awareness Committee since 1996 and I have attended most of their meetings during that time. But the only time I have ever spoken on behalf of CAC was to support the Payson Restaurant owners in their opposition to the 3 percent food tax which our council wanted to impose. Other than that, I have never stated or indicated that anything I have said is on behalf of the CAC.

Mr. White, let's assume that you belong to the Rotary Club and that you attend their meetings regularly. Am I to assume that you represent the Rotary membership every time you get up and speak at council? And am I to assume that every member of the Rotary Club agrees with your statement?Come on, Mr. White, get real!

I understand that CAC is a political force in our town and I certainly hope it is even a bigger one in the upcoming election. I'll bet big time on one thing whoever that group supports for any office will be a first-class candidate.

Let me assure you, Mr. White, that regardless of your opinion, I am entitled, as a citizen of the United States of America, to speak my opinion. In some parts of this great country, elected officials even listen to all the citizens.

Ruby Finney


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