Q: There is a rumor that an asphalt plant is going up on Red Baron. Is it true that the man raising hothouse tomatoes out there might have to quit because of the odors? I never heard anything about this plant going through planning and zoning or the town council.

A: First, it's an asphalt shingle manufacturing plant, and it's about to go up at 1508 W. Red Baron Road. While owner Tony Gallo doesn't want to talk about his business just yet, Town of Payson officials are giving it glowing reviews. According to Town Councilmember Barbara Brewer, the operation uses very little water and features a charcoal filter air purification system that is state of the art.

But we went right to the tomato guy himself. Scott Dahlman, owner of Dahlman Gardens, says he isn't too worried. "They're supposedly putting all these scrubbers in that will keep the fumes down," Dahlman said.

By the way, if you hurry you can still get fresh tomatoes from Dahlman. He's closing for the winter at the end of the week, but still has an ample supply at $1 a pound.

Dahlman Gardens is located at 1511 W. Red Baron Rd. Take Airport Road to N. Chenault Parkway. Red Baron is the first right off Chenault.

If you don't make it this year, Dahlman plans to open again around July 4.

Q: I heard that (Payson Town Attorney) Sam Streichman did not want Christmas decorations on the legal department building at Town Hall because of his religious beliefs. It's true that it's a separate building, but it's still owned by the town. Shouldn't the town make the call when it comes to what will and won't be decorated?

A: The decorations are now up on the legal department's building, which is the one to the right of the main administration building. Payson Town Manager Rich Underkofler says the delay had nothing to do with Streichman's religious beliefs and everything to do with the hammering that was involved in hanging the decorations.

"Last year, they started pounding when Sam was on the phone and he couldn't hear himself think," Underkofler said.

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