Appointment Will Be Made To Whoever Is Most Qualified



Later this week, I will appoint a new Gila County Superior Court judge to fill the vacancy created by the impending retirement of Judge Edward Dawson.

Unfortunately, this appointment seems to be coming at a time of strong division between different areas of the county, and some of the comments received from citizens are more about choosing sides in this internal county dispute than about the merits of the candidates.

I want to make it clear to Gila County residents that the appointment of the new superior court judge will be based strictly on the candidates' qualifications. I have appointed 62 judges to date, and my appointment record shows that neither politics nor geography played a role in those decisions, just as politics and geography should play no role in matters decided in a court of law.

Regardless of who is appointed, the residents if Gila County can rest assured that I will choose the applicant I believe to be the most qualified. My decision should not be taken as an endorsement or an indictment of either faction in the internal county dispute.

Jane Dee Hull, Arizona governor

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