Low-Road Results Are Clear



I have hesitated to write this letter because of the many letters to the paper decrying negative letters about the Town Council.

However, Mayor Schum's contradictory statements cannot be ignored. He and other council members attempt to take the high road by stating, in effect, that the opinions of Payson citizens who speak at the "public comment" time during the council meeting are self-serving, biased and serve only personal interests. Obviously, he and other council members don't think much of the public's opinion.

But on the other hand, the mayor states that in his experience our voice and efforts have little or no value at the county seat. Hmm! Does he or does he not believe in the voice of the people?

Obviously, he and three of the members of the council don't. They show this in their many derogatory comments about the people who speak and in their blatant move to silence public comment. The mayor and those who support him on this issue, know full well that moving the "public comments" to late at night after other council business will stifle public comment. It is a trick used by despotic public officials and union leaders for years.

They know full well that if they put the "public comment" section off until late at night that working people have to get up early and cannot stay up late, nor can most seniors who, for reasons of health, need an early bedtime. Thus, public comment is nearly abolished.

Their high road reasons don't hold water, but their low road results are clear.

Walter Babecky, Payson

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