The '50s Wrong Theme For Library



This letter is really to the Friends of the Library, in response to the article in this past Friday's issue, asking for artists to submit for competition to paint a mural on the wall of the Young Adult section. The article highlighting the painting of the Children's Room was beautiful; the artwork looks to be beautiful.

However, I was really disappointed to read that the theme for the Young Adults' mural is "The '50s."

We have invested so much time and resources in creating a new library, with new books and equipment; a more modern facility in which our young people can study and grow. Why give them visual image to focus on an out-dated pop culture (however fondly it may be remembered). This is not our children's present; it is our past. If we are to inspire them to great heights, why not paint inspiring pictures of their participation in the sciences, medicine, the visual and performing arts. Our young adults as well as our small children are the future; we should be guiding them in that direction, don't you think?

Pat Batie, MSW, Payson

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