The Miracle Of Main Street



Did you feel it? Did you see it? I saw it in the eyes of all who witnessed it. I saw it in the smiles of children ... both big and small.

The elves, Karen, Scott and Minette, made it happen and Payson will never be the same again. We have begun a tradition that will grow and grow each year. I don't think I have felt such a spirit of community in Payson before.

We all said "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" and we really meant it. There's something about a million twinkling lights that brings out the best in all of us.

From Tamales for Toys to Santa's List, the true caring spirit of this community shows itself to all of Arizona. It seems most evident at Christmas, but this "spirit of caring" is what brought many of us to this community in this first place.

Hundreds of folks volunteer their time every day to help others. The need is always there, and, thank God, we have the people who care enough to give their time and their love to others. I meant to write about the parade, but it just reminded me of what a wonderful place our town of Payson really is. Merry Christmas.

Donn C. Morris, Payson

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