What Up?


Q: How come the Main Street electric parade and tree lighting were scheduled on the same day as the Payson Choral Society's Christmas Concert?

A: The holidays are a busy time, and squeezing a new event onto the calendar just about guarantees a conflict with something, Main Street Manager Karen Greenspoon said.

"There are only so many weekends in December and we had to schedule the tree lighting as early as possible so people could enjoy the town Christmas tree," she said.

Greenspoon said she did try to slot the Main Street event between the choral society's afternoon and evening concerts, but it was a tight fit. "We had no idea how long the parade was going to last, but we did announce the choral society's concert, and we had fliers in the Main Street office," she said.

The Main Street event, incidentally, was a huge success, with an estimated turnout of 3,000 people.

"It was just phenomenal," Greenspoon said. "There was so much excitement created. People are already saying they are going to put a float in next year. A lot of people just didn't know what it was all about this year.

Q: I heard the flagpole in front of the old library was donated by Sue Allen Sands, and now that it's moving she wants it back. I also heard that the town is going to take it down and install it in concrete at her house, and then turn around and buy an identical flagpole to install at the new library. Isn't this a total waste of taxpayer's money?

A: Sue Allen Sands gave the flagpole to the library in honor of a loved one, according to Payson Town Manager Rich Underkofler.

"Mrs. Sands inquired if we were going to move the flagpole to the new library. When we told her we wanted to put up a higher flagpole, she asked for it back. I directed town personnel to take it out of the ground and deliver it to her not install it. And the flagpole that is going up at the new library is an extra one we already had at Town Hall."

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