Harry Potter Teaches Children To Read



Dave Waterman wrote a passionate letter about Harry Potter and witchcraft. Do not "whore after the things of darkness." He pleaded with "Parents to wake up! Witchcraft is a real source of demonic power ... Stand up for what is good and holy."

We sure don't have to look far to see how intolerance motivates the masses into all kinds of judgmental behavior and even "holy war" (a term I consider the ultimate oxymoron).

Wicca is an ancient religion of "witches" that is still practiced throughout the world today. "Whatever the differences of approach, mystics of all persuasions agree that, however we address the Divine, our prayer is heard." This is from the Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews, respected authority on Celtic spiritual tradition who has her own shamanic and ritual practice at Oxford.

In other words, she is a witch.

Mr. Waterman's letter challenges us to talk about what we want for our children. I encourage parents to read the Harry Potter books and to go see the movie. Make up your own minds before you allow your children to be influenced by the media or anything else.

The truth is that, as a result of this amazingly creative British author, J.K. Rowling, children are reading! Kids that used to be glued to the TV and their computer games are now engrossed in Harry Potter. Books stimulate their own imaginations as they wander into Harry Potter's world of adventure and fantasy.

What's next? Will they be hungry for the classics? Will you catch them with a flashlight under the covers in the wee hours of the night getting high ... on a book? What about the sorcerers, witches, trolls, and enchanting creatures discovered in books such as J.R. Tolkien's delightful tale, The Hobbit? They can fly with Peter Pan or skip down the yellow brick road of the Wizard of Oz!

Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for giving us a charmed key that has opened the door in the minds of children to the magical world waiting for them in a book.

Kathleen Kelly


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