No Charges Filed Yet In Bomb Threats


Formal charges have yet to be filed against Raymond Boelens, 26, who was arrested Nov. 1 following a night of threatening phone calls to local law enforcement.

Boelens, by his own admission, made the phone calls from a residence in California after drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana all day with friends. He was taken into custody by the Secret Service after he threatened the president during one of the calls to the Gila County Sheriff's Department in Payson.

Boelens was returned to Arizona on an outstanding probation violation warrant. Once in the hands of Gila County authorities, he made a full confession to them as well as the Payson Roundup during an interview at the jail.

Boelens said he wanted to plead guilty and get on with his life. His plea. However, will not be accepted by the Gila County Prosecutor's office as it has a conflict of interest.

The case has been turned over to Greenlee County because Gila County Attorney Jim Hazel represented Boelens when he was a defense attorney.

Detective George Ratliff said the Secret Service is not seeking charges, however Gila County's case is now in the hands of Greenlee prosecutor Derek Rapier.

"We are currently reviewing the case and will make a charging decision soon," Rapier said.

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