Thinking Outside The Box



I am hoping that this will get to the Payson Town Council concerning the 15 percent increase in the water rates. Most big and small companies have problems, so when a big and complicated problem comes up that seems no way of finding the solution, the company will get all of their people together who are involved with the problem and have a meeting. The meeting is called brainstorming. I don't have to explain what it means. The Council and the people of Payson do this at every meeting. What I don't hear at these meetings is someone thinking out of the box.

Thinking out of the box means that someone wound up saying something that would make everyone think about fixing the problem in another way. This is why I'm writing this letter to whoever is willing to go out of the box and think of other ways of fixing things.

Now let me take you out of the box. What I keep hearing is that they want to increase water rates so that people will conserve water or pay the price. Let me point out that last phase (pay the price). It seems to me that the 15 percent increase would only hurt the ones who can't afford it. The ones who can afford it can use all the water that they want, because they can afford it. So what does this mean? It means that the water will still be consumed beyond the limit of normal use for those who can afford it. What I'm proposing is when a house is over its limit of use for that month, the house would have its water turned off the length of time that it would take for them to use that amount of water in normal use. I know that this has some bugs in it, but it doesn't penalize the people who can't afford the 15 percent increase.

Don Johnson


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