Q: Is either the town or ADOT going to paint delineation markers through the intersection at 87 and 260 for the double left turn lanes? There's a lot of drifting going on there. There used to be marks to indicate what lane you were in as you were making your left turn.

A: "We call that a dribble line," Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Engineering Specialist David Gerlach said. The other lines that were painted after the repaving was recently completed are temporary. "It was too cold to put down permanent paint," he said.

Matching straight lines is not a problem when permanent paint is applied, but curved lines are something else.

"To match the curved dribble line in permanent paint would be a big mess, so we are going to wait until spring when we can just do it permanently," he said.

Also scheduled for spring is repaving from Payson to Pine and landscaping and a shade structure for the area between Tyler Parkway and Houston Mesa Road near where a new sidewalk was recently added.

Q: Political signs cannot be legally posted until well into January, but one candidate for mayor is posting signs on Longhorn and they've been up for some time. Who enforces this rule and why is this allowed?

A: The answer to the first part of your question is "nobody," Town of Payson Community Development Director Bob Gould said.

"There are some provisions of our sign code that are considered to be violations of constitutional law regarding freedom of speech," Gould said.

"There are some things that we don't enforce, even though they're still on the books, because they conflict with constitutional rights."

When a similar issue arose in the Valley, Gould said "there were some court cases." The town does, however, enforce maximum size restrictions and traffic hazard issues.

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