A Community Christmas Day Prayer


Christmas is a season of hope, and a time when the human heart seems quicker to help a neighbor and slower to judge.

This Christmastime has been especially important for many Americans as we look to the future with a renewed hope for peace and freedom from terror or fear.

The power of 300 million hearts and prayers has united this nation in its resolve to carry on.

I believe a community can offer this same collective power of yearning hearts and joined prayers to help a family that has battled the terror of uncertainty for three years.

Just a week after Christmas three years ago, 11-year-old Mikelle Biggs was abducted from her Mesa neighborhood four doors from her home. Mikelle had asked her mother for 50 cents for the ice cream truck, but she never returned. Her bike and the two quarters were found on the corner of the street.

A website in Mikelle's name at "mikellebiggs.com" seems to indicate that everything humanly possible is being done to find her.

On Christmas Day, as you gather your families and loved ones, let's add our voice for a little divine intervention. Take a moment to offer a prayer from this community that the Biggs family will find answers and hope. You can also send a message of support to the family through the website. Let them know that there are thousands of people here who have not forgotten their pain as they spend another Christmas without Mikelle.

What happened to Mikelle is a parent's worst nightmare to have one of our little ones taken by a stranger to an unknown fate. We hope this community Christmas prayer will help the Biggs find comfort this season, and help all of us remember that their is no greater gift than caring for each other.

If you have information about Mikelle Biggs' disappearance call the Silent Witness hotline at 1-602-261-8600. There is a $75,000 reward for her return.

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