Council Says It's A Time For Sergeants


Sergeant's stripes will be presented to four Payson Police officers in April.

"Promotion of the sergeants will allow for 24-hour, seven-day-a-week patrol supervision," Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner said.

The promotions will come from within the patrol ranks and will not require hiring of new officers.

The department has long operated under the squad system. Currently there are two patrol sergeants, Todd Bramlet and Rod Mamero, who each supervise eight officers.

Bramlet's squad works Wednesday through Saturday. Mamero's is on the streets Saturday through Tuesday. The sergeants typically work nights which leaves no direct supervision for their officers assigned to the day shift.

Under the new system, there will be six squads and the sergeants will rotate shifts with their entire squad.

The sergeants are responsible for scheduling, report approval and performance evaluations, as well as counseling and training for their officers.

"Five of our 15 patrol officers have less than two years' experience as police officers," Gartner said. "We are in the process of replacing a vacant position with a new officer who is scheduled to enter the police academy in January."

With almost one-third of its officers being rookies, Gartner said the new system will allow for closer supervision and training of the new officers.

The creation of six squads will see a decreased span of control for the sergeants as each squad will be reduced to three or four officers. The move will lighten the supervisors paperwork load, allowing them to move from behind the desk and out on the street.

"The sergeants will be working sergeants," Gartner said. "They will be responsible for answering calls for service."

This move will be a change for the sergeants. In the past, the calls have been handled by patrol officers with the sergeants typically responding to a call for service or traffic stop when a supervisor is requested.

Additionally, the Payson School District just received funding for an additional school resource officer who will be assigned to an experienced patrol officer. This assignment will leave an opening in the patrol division and is expected to be filled by another recruit.

"The officers who most likely will be competing for the sergeants openings typically have 5 to 12 years of experience with the department," Gartner said. "They are ready for the promotion and are looking forward to the chance to compete."

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