Reporter's Wish List For His Friends


In making out my Christmas wish-list, there are a few gifts I'd like to see others in our community receive.

For Longhorn wrestling coach Dave LaMotte, I'd like Santa to give him a wrestler to fill the 104-pound slot in his lineup. Since the onset of the season, LaMotte hasn't been able to find an athlete on campus willing to fill the position.

Boys basketball coach Mike Loutzenheiser could use a healthy dose of experience for his team.

The young Longhorns, who are led by a sophomore center in just about every category, have only two returning letter winners in the lineup. The lack of experience has the Horns struggling for wins and Loutzenheiser scrambling to find answers.

If I had my druthers, I'd like Santa to bring former PHS wrestling coach Dennis Pirch a good hunting dog. Since his well-deserved retirement last spring, Dennis has found time for some new endeavors, including quail hunting, that he couldn't do during his coaching days. For a future quail hunt, Dennis is talking about using sons Clifford and Christopher as retrievers of any downed quail. I'll bet Santa wants to give those two fine young men a break from those chores by giving Dad a well-trained golden retriever.

Since Lady Longhorn basketball coach Shaun Hardt has his team off to a 8-1 start, there is not much Santa can bring the team. But Shaun could use another roll of duct tape. Seems on his way to Rim Country Middle School where he teaches a few weeks ago, the coach lost the sole off one of his shoes. So, he retrieved a roll of duct tape and used it to recondition his shoe. At least all the students at RCMS got a chuckle out of Hardt's ingenuity.

But maybe instead of more duct tape, Santa should give the coach a new pair of shoes.

Also on Santa's list should be a high-tech pair of glasses for Payson High School teacher Tim Fruth. Tim currently relies on a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles that sit low on his nose much like those that Santa wears. He spends most of his time, peering out over the top of the glasses. Tim can get by with those in the classroom, but when he's at his second avocation high school sports officiating he definitely should have more respectable spectacles.

For my good buddy, Dave, at the Roundup, I'd like Santa to include a few more Green Bay Packers' and Atlanta Braves' wins in his gift selection. A lifelong fan of the Packers and Braves, Dave goes into depression when either team loses. Life would be much simpler for Dave, if the two teams were a bit more successful.

The final gift on my Santa's list goes to all those U of A fans who revel in teasing me about ASU's football loss to the Wildcats.

For them, I wish a lump of coal.

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