Rim Country "Brand" Should Be Community Effort



I appreciate Dean Shields' letter that was published in the Roundup regarding the community branding effort. Since I couldn't find (her) phone number to visit with (her) directly, I hope I can reply to (her) and others through this letter. A few people have mentioned that "Rim Country" is the best brand for the area. It may well be. Rather than coming to a conclusion on our own, we felt it was important to work to involve the entire region in the decision.

The news article may not have made it clear that although the PREDC is spearheading the project, it is also sponsored by the chamber of commerce, Northern Gila County Historical Society, EAC and the Small Business Development Center and other local entities. To successfully establish our image, it has to be a united community effort. The result of this activity could possibly end up as an effort to define just what "Rim Country" really means and how we can be the best "Rim Country" we can be.

I hope (Ms.) Shields sent (her) idea in to be considered along with the others and will join with us in working to establish our brand identity whatever the outcome may be.

Scott Flake, Director, Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation

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