It's Up To Us To Ensure Bright Future



This coming election may very well be one of the most important elections that our town has ever had. Four open seats on the council and a new town manager. The possibility of having five positions filled by new, inexperienced people is somewhat frightening. It will take considerable time for the new elected officials to familiarize themselves with town government and additional time to become productive.

If, in fact, this scenario does come to pass, town government will be like a rudderless ship driven in many directions with no definite destination.

Though we have experienced to various degrees, this situation in the past, there is no reason to subject ourselves again.

I, for one, strongly advise we scrutinize each candidate and determine if they will represent special interest groups or will they represent the citizens as a whole. Will they address the problems of our youth as well as the problems of our older citizens and the working people? To what extent have they been involved in town government in the past? Do they, in fact, understand the many problems and issues the town faces? Will their decisions have a positive influence on not only the present but the future of Payson?

Payson is unique. Things that will work elsewhere in other communities and cities may not necessarily work here.

We definitely need a strong council, one that shows compassion and fairness to all. One that has the best interest of our citizens, all our citizens and not just a selected few.

It's up to us to ensure a bright future for Payson by doing our best to elect a council and mayor that will show leadership and direction and work cohesively for the betterment of all.

James Chase, former councilman and vice mayor

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