Reader's Woodcutter Woes Solved



About a week ago, I sent a letter to complain about the difficulty of finding an honest woodcutter in the Rim country. I was both amazed and pleasantly surprised to have received a response from not just one, but four individuals, who have enlightened me to the fact that indeed there are many "wood bandits" in this area and that unless I contact a reputable supplier, I take my chances.

Further, all of them assured me that they could and would deliver wood to me as per the specifications I stated in my letter to the editor.

So, it being only fair that I took the time to write and complain, I believe that I should take the time to write and say that the situation has been corrected and I now have the names and phone numbers of some honest woodcutters.

Ed Blose was the first person to call me after he read my letter and he stated quite simply that he was up to the "challenge" and that I would get a fair shake if I sent my business his way. I accepted his statement and placed an order for wood with him, and the man did exactly as he said he would do, and as a result, he not only earned my respect, but he also delivered exactly what I ordered and I now have enough firewood on hand to keep my home warm for the rest of this winter.

I thought I would share this experience with the community and also say thank you, Ed, for restoring a little of my faith in humanity.

It seems that not only do people up here actually read your paper, but also those who are honest and want to see a bad situation come to an end are willing to do their part to help change things when necessary. A hearty thank you is also in order to the Roundup for publishing my letter and thereby assisting me in my search for an honest supplier.

I have long believed that the power of the press is awesome and my experience here has only served to further prove that point.

Jim Estess, Pine

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