Don't Be So Willing To Give Up Your Rights



Unless you tattoo on your forehead "of Middle Eastern descent," no one would take you for anything other than a W.A.S.P.

As a woman whose grandmother couldn't vote until the 1920s, and as a woman who feels we still haven't achieved full and equal Constitutional rights, I resent your willingness to forego any type of rights belonging to anyone.

As once having been the passenger in a car in which the driver was pulled over due to racial profiling, I assure you it was a scary and angry experience.

My husband served and was severely wounded in time of war just to insure the rights of all, and neither you nor anyone should have authority to suspend any of our rights.

On Sept. 11, 2001, the worst case of racial, religious and ethnic profiling was perpetrated on our country. We lost approximately 3,000 citizens and visitors, and the feeling of being safe and secure in our homeland. Wasn't that enough? Didn't that teach us anything about profiling?

Good airport security has nothing to do with profiling of any kind. Being watchful and aware of our surroundings has nothing to do with anything but good sense and survival. That is the duty of us all.

So, Mr. Haddad, if you want to be a victim of racial profiling first, then watch the erosion of the rest of our rights in the name of security, just continue to say you're willing to do so. I bet if you are one of those rounded up and held incognito for a prolonged period of time with no attorney or family contact, you'll change your mind fast.

Don't be so willing to give up what so many have fought and died for.

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