Get All The Facts Before Praising Harry Potter



It is not my intention to condemn anyone who chooses to view the Harry Potter film. My mission is to inform you of its dangers to our youth.

As adults, we have the capacity to make sound decisions based on the facts. Our children look to us for guidance and direction concerning all kinds of issues. When we, as adults, put our seal of approval on such films as Harry Potter, we tell them it is alright to read and view such material.

The responses to my letter to the editor seem to say you do not care about the content of the material as long as it causes them to read. With that kind of reasoning, I guess we could say why not allow them to read "Lady Chatterly's Lover" or the sexual exploits of Tom Jones. How about Playboy or Penthouse? This material would certainly hold their attention and create a desire to see and read more.

Ridiculous, you say? So say I.

What disturbs me the most is the attitude of some of our teachers. You are responsible to teach sound principles and doctrine. You hold the power to teach these young minds good or evil. Get all the facts about Harry Potter and the views this author is promoting.

For more information concerning the views of J.R. Rowling, read "Questions About Harry Potter" by Dr. John Ankerburg, who quotes directly from the Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft.

My response to Kathleen Kelly's comments on wicca and the fact that it is an ancient religion is a fact we must not ignore. If wicca and witchcraft is a recognized religion in this country, here lies the rub about the separation of church and state. How can you legally promote the reading and views portrayed in Harry Potter in our classrooms?

Wicca is a religion and it does not matter how ancient it is, it is still contrary to God's word. All roads do not lead to our Lord God. Jesus is the only hope of our salvation. Wicca will only lead you to the god of this world Satan.

So all who responded to my letter, I encourage you to get all the facts. The future of our youth is in our hands.

David Waterma

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