Stories for February 2001


Monday, February 26

Bridge lodge provides spooky stay

Visitors to the Tonto Natural Bridge can see a small part of the historic old lodge where the gift shop is located. Those who have spent the night there often report seeing or at least hearing something else.

Ansick, Craig wed

John Ansick, former owner of The Swiss Village Bakery, and Linda Craig of Prescott were married Dec. 18, 2000, at the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott.

Oven mitts come off for chefs competition

In the category of Best Dessert, the first-place winner of Payson's annual Mayor's Cup Chefs Competition is ... the envelope, please ... Macky's Grill for its "Coconut and Butterscotch Ranch House Pies."

Coach gives heartfelt thanks for MSA support

Payson High School wrestling coach Dennis Pirch leaves little doubt about how much the benevolence of the Mogollon Sporting Association means to local athletic programs.

84-year-old's bar dancing days, gone, not forgotten

Kitty Lucek doesn't spend her saloon time dancing on top of the bar anymore.


Pop music fan turns fuddy duddy with flick of the dial

I don't remember exactly when the music died. I think it was about the same time I decided that I hated letting my hair go gray and started dying it again, which was about the time I became a grandmother.

Cave diver dies during exploration near Young

Two Mesa men squirmed into the tiny opening of Redman Cave north of Young Saturday morning to explore the murky underwater caverns inside. Only one of the men returned to the surface alive. The other man, 25-year-old Aaron Standage, apparently drowned in an underwater passageway as he was trying to swim out of a flooded tunnel.

Family tree seminar helps folks trace roots

One of the nation's leading genealogists will present a one-day genealogy seminar from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 3, at Payson Assembly of God Church.

'All's Well That Ends Well' on high school stage

The world of Shakespeare may seem far removed from life in the Rim country, but Payson High School's production of "All's Well That Ends Well" opening Thursday night in the PHS auditorium, with a matinee performance Friday and a final performance Saturday evening is a play containing characters, plot elements and themes that are every bit as timely and relevant today as they were when first performed in the 16th century.

Lady Mavs win three in five days

The Rim Country Middle School eighth-grade girls basketball team is off to a lightning quick start that's the envy of most every White Mountain League school.

AIMS test a 'waste of time'

Why do we have to take the AIMS test to pass to the next grade? Are the Stanford 9 and Iowa tests not enough to tell if we learned from the grade we are going to pass?

'Freedom, enjoyed by all, allow all of our expressions'

In response to the Jonathan Marsh family and the Jamie Silva family:

Prices are high enough without restaurant tax

According to the Feb. 20th Roundup, the Payson Town Council is (considering raising) the restaurant tax as if prices aren't high enough now in order to build a recreation center.

Cattle ranching can be good for wildlife and environment

May I serve as the devil's advocate and discuss a letter by Mr. Jeffrey York, who excoriated Mr. Bill Conway's letter, wherein he commented on the condition of our national forests and the multi-purpose usage to which they are subjected.

When it comes to growing pains, we're not alone

When it comes to development, simplistic, one-dimensional solutions simply won't do. Americans, it seems, are in search of smart, comprehensive growth ideas.

Thomas Taylor

Thomas John Taylor, 33, died Feb. 23, 2001. He was born Jan. 7, 1968 in Phoenix.

Kenneth Stollsteimer

Kenneth Leland Stollsteimer, 82, of Phoenix and Christopher Creek died Feb. 22, 2001. He was born Nov. 4, 1918. in Wetmore, Kan.

Quirt Seeley

Quirt Tucker Seeley of Young, died Feb. 23, 2001. He was born Feb. 23, 2001 in Albuquerque, N.M.

Annabelle Parsons

Annabelle J. Parsons, 80, of Payson, died Feb. 25, 2001, in Payson. She was born Aug. 29, 1920, in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

P-S preschool earns an 'A'

Walk into the preschool classroom at Pine-Strawberry School and it looks much the same as most preschool classrooms. Brightly colored construction paper letters, posters, and children's paintings cover the four walls. There's a nook to play house in, a kitchen complete with plastic food, a sand box and making the scene complete miniature tables with miniature chairs.

Marianna Preston

Marianna King Preston, 58, of Payson, died Jan. 31, 2001, at her home. She was born Jan. 27, 1943, in China.

Bridging the gap

Students blaze trail to bridge

Visitors to the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park will be able to take an easier, more scenic trail to the bridge this summer.

William Knight

William B. Knight, 88, of Payson, died Feb. 8, 2001, in Payson. He was born Nov. 6, 1912, in Enola, Pa.

Brigham Farnsworth

Brigham A. Farnsworth, 93, of Mesa, Ariz., died Feb. 23, 2001. He was born April 28, 1907, in Colonia Garcia, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Ruth Doub

Ruth L. Doub, 82, of Payson, died Feb. 13, 2001. She was born Jan. 16, 1919, in Kendallville, Ind.

Kathleen Crow

Kathleen "Kathy" Mary Crow, 69, of Payson, died Feb. 23, 2001, in Payson. She was born April 8, 1931, in Greer, Idaho.

Robert Brooks

Robert W. Brooks, 71, of Payson, died Feb. 22, 2001, at his home in Sun Lakes.

Michael Briggs

Michael Maben Briggs, 45, of Payson, died Feb. 25, 2001. He was born July 12, 1955, in Phoenix. He was employed with an insurance company as a senior title examiner.

Corinne Bray

Corinne Edna Bray, 84, of Payson, died Feb. 20, 2001. She was born Feb. 8, 1917, in Chicago, Ill. Retiring from the Phoenix Union High School system, she had resided in Payson for the past four years.

Junior vandals get day in court

Two of the three children suspected of stealing a forklift in south Payson and vandalizing a storage yard have taken their first steps through the juvenile court process.

Lady Longhorns to reflect on roller-coaster season at annual awards banquet

At Thursday's awards ceremony, players, parents, fans and coaches will commemorate a basketball season that saw the Lady Longhorns finish 20-10 and earn the right to advance to the state tournament where they lost in the first round of action.

Payson athletes begin spring sports season

Are ya ready to rumble? On the practice fields at Payson High School, four spring sports teams are ready to do just that.

Armstrong, Baily to wed

Teddy Alisa Bailey of Eagar and John Joseph Armstrong of Payson will be married March 9, 2001.

Saturday, February 24

Review Feature

Child's first pet can be trying experience

The facts have been hushed up for over 30 years due to a provision in Walt Disney's will. However, you are about to learn the real reason Dorothy McGuire made Tommy Kirk shoot Old Yeller. And rabies had nothing to do with it.

Around the Rim Country

Tractor guy creates 'Male Generic Apology'

Oprah's Book Club, a regular feature of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," has made best-sellers of 38 books since it became a regular feature on her program in 1996.

Thursday, February 22

Payson grapplers return to the mat

Less than a month after high school and middle school wrestling seasons wrapped up, eager athletes are returning to the mat in search of even more competition.

Tonto Apaches fare well at Indoor Classic

One of the most successful amateur track and field teams in the state returned to action Feb. 18 in Flagstaff.

Longhorns tapped for Australian adventure

A foursome of former PHS football players have their sights set on one last gridiron hurrah.

Joseph Wilhardt

Joseph Wilhardt, 65, of Payson died Feb. 17, 2001.

Daisy Vaughn

Daisy M. Vaughn, 90, of Payson, died Feb. 20, 2001, in Payson.

Raymond Green

Raymond Green, 81, of Payson, died Feb. 16, 2001.

Jeanne Finn

Jeanne Ann Finn, 58, of Overgaard, Ariz. died Feb. 17, 2001, in Payson.

William Donovan

William J. Donovan, 77, of Payson, died Jan. 10, 2001, in Payson.

John Ashby

John Wallace Ashby, 82, of Payson, died Feb. 21, 2001, in Payson.

Reading revs up communication skills


International Reading Association studies have shown that children who are introduced to books at an early age test higher in language and communication skills than those who have little exposure to books.


Recipe for fun: Just add ice

Here's a recipe for fun from Art Hood's fifth-grade class, which recently built an igloo at Pine-Strawberry School.

Middle school needs baseball team

I am writing this letter in regard to having a school baseball team at Rim Country Middle School. We have a lot of sports but we don't, in my opinion, have the best sport in the world.

Where are all the G-rated movies?

I couldn't agree with (your Feb. 13 editorial, "Rated R means 'really think about it'") more. What can parents possibly be thinking when they take small children to R-rated films?

Theater should cater to variety of tastes

Mike Burkett was certainly on the money when he bemoaned the lack of quality programming at Payson's one and only cineplex (in his Feb. 16 commentary, "Oscar race won't run in Payson"), and the pandering to an audience which often matches IQ points with age demographics 15-30.

Town council moves forward on bed, board and booze tax

After 45 minutes of debate Thursday night, the Payson Town Council agreed to start the ball rolling on a town code amendment that would decrease the tax on lodging from 3 to 2 percent and impose a new 2 percent levy on restaurants and bars.

Dial 928 for Rim country

Commission rings in with new area code

Beginning June 23, the Rim country's 520 area code will be the wrong number. It will be replaced here and throughout most of rural Arizona with 928.

Playboy story not appropriate

Since moving to Payson two and a half years ago, I have enjoyed reading the Payson Roundup. It reminded me of the small town newspaper from my growing up years in a small town of 2,000 people.

Seniors still have time to request property tax freeze

Seniors have until March 1 to ask the Gila County assessor to freeze their property tax valuation under a state constitutional amendment approved by voters last November.

Postseason awards to cap 2001 season

Season-ending award ceremonies are usually a great deal of fun for everyone. They are also a source of great pride.

Status hearing set for shooting suspect

A status hearing is set for 3 p.m. Monday in the case against Star Valley resident Paul Roosen, who is accused of murdering part-time Star Valley resident Calista Wright.

Seventy-year-old hiker plunges into Devil's Chasm

A Prescott man is listed in critical condition after tumbling 50 feet into Devil's Chasm while hiking near Young Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors win fight with town over tower

Residents on Indian Hill are celebrating this week after toppling plans to build a 100-foot wireless telecommunications tower in their neighborhood.

Next school schedule remains undecided

Payson School District's schedule for next school year is still up in the air. Members of the Superintendent's Advisory Council an 18-member advisory board that includes teachers and district staff members sent a proposal for a modified school calendar back to the school board Wednesday for review.

Monday sentencing set for Payson police shooter

The fate of convicted police shooter Lenny Kizzar is expected to be determined Monday when he attends his sentencing hearing at Gila County Superior Court in Globe.

Dog park a waste of taxpayers' money

I would like to remark about the idea of establishing a dog park as written in the Lifestyles article, Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Leaders in new West use brains instead of bullets

It had all the classic signs of an authentic Western showdown over rustled cows or water rights.

Payson Parks & Recreation

We're now accepting late soccer registration for youth who will be ages 8 through 15 as of May 15, 2001.

Monday, February 19

Payson Exotic Zoo to close its cages

Randy Ferry, Payson Exotic Zoo's owner and tour guide has been known to talk to his animals. .

Surgeries repair smiles, lives

"The desire to be and look normal is one of the most powerful human needs, and knows no age barriers," reads the introduction on Rotaplast International's Internet Web site. "The medical professionals and lay volunteers who participate in Rotaplast missions see these needs and desires reflected in every child and family member they meet. The work is demanding, the hours are long, and the memories of making a difference last a lifetime."

Rubye Taylor

Rubye Marie Taylor, 83, of Pine died Feb. 14, 2001, at her home in Pine. She was born Feb. 20, 1917, in Laura, Okla.

County averts suit; returns misdirected money to Payson

An expensive legal fight was recently averted when Gila County offered to re-pay the Town of Payson $189,824 in vehicle license taxes that the county incorrectly diverted to the towns of Globe, Hayden, Winkelman and Miami.

George Carter

George W. Carter, 97, of Payson, died Feb. 14, 2001, in Payson. He was born Dec. 8, 1903, in Kansas City, Mo.

Mildred Thompson

Mildred B. Thompson, 75, of Overgaard, Ariz. died Feb. 17, 2001 at her home. She was born Nov. 25, 1924 in Frenchburg, Ky.

Donald Watts

Donald Watts, 80, of Payson, died Feb. 18, 2001. He was born March 23, 1920 in Newton, Ill.

Bookmark chefs contest

Your senses are in for a treat Saturday if you've purchased tickets for the Mayor's Cup Chefs competition at the Tonto Apache Community Center. You'll enjoy appetizers and desserts from eight Rim country chefs and their culinary teams as they compete for top honors. And you'll be the judge.

Challenge to raise teachers' salaries

I wish to place a challenge to those who desire to elevate the pay our fine public school teachers here in Payson deserve. I will write a check for $1,000 to the Payson Public Schools for the specific purpose of being used for teachers' salaries for the 2001-2002 school year. I challenge anyone to match that amount.

Inner beauty will outlast the beauty that fades

An Open Letter to Ms. Jeanette O'Donnal:

You are so proud of your daughters' achievements that your heart could just burst. You have given them the gift of self-expression.

Copper State donates $1,450 to schools, teams

The success of the Copper State Jam youth basketball tournament has enriched the coffers of two local schools and a girls basketball team.

Catch the pros during spring training

One of the most popular rites of spring in the Rim country is a sun-drenched baseball visit to the Valley to take in a spring training game.

LaHaye considers collegiate wrestling career

Payson's loss will be some college's gain.

Little League player tryouts

Payson Little League will host player tryouts Saturday, Feb. 24 on the Rumsey II ballfield for Senior League players.

North region dominates state finals

At the onset of the state high school basketball tournament a week ago, the Roundup reported that the East region suffered tough luck when it drew the North as foes for opening round games.

Council to consider archaeological protection program

The Payson Town Council will consider approving an intergovernmental agreement between the town and Arizona State Parks Thursday to establish a site steward program for the preservation and protection of archaeological resources at Goat Camp Ruins. The program would use local volunteers who complete a Site Steward training program for "inventory, stabilization and recordation" functions.

Lloyd, Splan wed

Arthur Evan Lloyd II was married Feb. 10, 2001, in Fresno, Calif. to Allison Splan of Fresno.

Teacher follows in father's footsteps

Just because both he and his father have been lifelong educators, Bill Bowling does not think that giving young people the gift of learning is an ability that springs naturally from his gene pool.

Parents should walk a mile in coach's moccasins

It was great to read the article in Max Foster's column quoting former Duke University's All-American basketball player, Dick Devenzio.


Americans reluctant to give inch for metric conversion

A friend was telling me all about his recent trip via motor home to Mexico.

Council diverts cash to rec center project

The Payson Town Council rearranged the town's spending priorities and juggled its funding plan last week to draft plans for a community recreation center.

Character development


Saturday, February 17

Review Feature

The art of raising babies

WARNING: When you are expecting your first child, every friend, relative and total stranger you encounter will have baby-raising information to share or advice to offer. Do not believe a word of it.

Around the Rim Country

New terms for good measure

Most people don't realize it, but many units of measurement are named after people, most likely because they invented or discovered them.

Thursday, February 15

Time to bring town's dog problem under control

This letter is written in response to the article in the Feb. 9 edition of the Payson Roundup about Kathleen Kelly, a registered Payson nurse, whom, while walking her dog on Main Street, was attacked by three dogs.

Burglars cashing in on hot checks

Payson Police detectives and investigators throughout the state are trying to catch a ring of thieves who are cashing in on stolen checks.

Hold the line; County to get new area code

Don't reorder those business cards yet. The Rim country's area code is changing.

Henry Balsiger III

Henry W. "Hank" Balsiger III, 79, of Tucson, Ariz. died Feb. 13, 2001.

Miller wrestles memory of previous state losses

Caleb Miller knows all too well the heartbreak of defeat.

Hornet sting ends Lady Horns' season

There will be no visit to Phoenix America West Arena for the Lady Longhorns.

Tower plan casts shadow on neighborhood

The highest commercial building in Payson is the Holiday Inn Express, which stretches 35 feet into the sky.

Coach's resignation let secret out of bag

Thanks so much for the way you handled the (Randy) Wilcox (Payson High School basketball coach) resignation. It was professional, while managing to get the point across that all is not well in high school athletics. I think Randy has let a secret out of the bag. As you have reported, more coaches are opting out of their sports. I think the school is gonna have to hire a few more athletic directors to coach all these sports. Sad.

Self-esteem shouldn't hinge on success in sports

I wish to take issue with Max Foster's sport talk column of Feb. 13. In the last part of his column he implies that self-esteem is not something doled out in a classroom or counseling session, but can be found by emersing yourself in being a "good" athlete and becoming almost obsessive about winning and being a champion. It seems to me that "true worth" or "self-esteem" needs to be taught in early childhood and not based on whether a person is a "true champion" or even good at sports!


Dream hints at one possible future

I keep having this dream. It won't go away. At least once a week it comes to me. I used to push dreams away just a bit of undigested enchilada, a repressed wish, the compression of neglected memories. The thing is, more people smart people keep telling me that you shouldn't ignore dreams.

Copper State Jam a first-class competition

As they've done since the inception of the Copper State Jam three years ago, Steve and Marlow Rensch and friends at Shelby School put on a tremendous middle school/junior high basketball tournament.

Ranching in the West is widespread welfare

This note is in response to the letter written by reader Bill Conway, printed in the Feb. 9 issue of the Roundup.

New resident welcomed with open arms

I am a new citizen of the Payson area, having moved up from Phoenix, and I wanted to take the time to let you know how warm and welcoming everyone has been.

Beery dedicates win to his late brother

For Rocky Beery, winning a Class 3A championship was much more than staking his claim as the state's best 171-pound wrestler. It was the opportunity to honor his 11-year-old brother who died several weeks ago after suffering a seizure.

Signs put hikers hot on the trails

Hikers, bikers and horseback riding enthusiasts will soon find it easier to negotiate the Rim country's intricate network of trails thanks to a trail sign project initiated this week by the Gila County Trails Alliance.

Oscar race won't run in Payson

There is a strong and ire-raising local angle here. Bear with me for a moment while I set it up.

Artist earns national distinction

A second painting by Edith Sarraille of Payson has been accepted by the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Art Collection. The artwork is the 250th piece to be accepted by the collection, which features artwork by people from across the country with neuromuscular diseases.

Monday, February 12

Maxine Ronning

Maxine Lillian Ronning, 64, of Babbitt, Minn. died Feb. 11, 2001, at her home. She was born May 7, 1936, to Herbert and Lillian (Carlson) Johnson in Minneapolis, Minn.

Rated R means "Really think about it"

A number of years ago my wife and I took our children to a theme park in Florida. We found an attraction called Alien Encounter.

Paper shouldn't glorify topless dancers

Roundup reporter Mike Burkett is Payson's "Most Eligible Bachelor." This must explain his personal interest in the five topless dancers who posed recently for Playboy magazine.

Changes make Catholics integral participants in Mass

The letter from Robert H. Wardein regarding changes in the Catholic Church does a great disservice to the vast majority of Catholics by presenting a picture that we no longer give sanctify God by the "new" worship practices.

Owners are responsible for mauling dogs

I just read Friday's Roundup regarding the dog's attacking a woman on West Main Street. A number of Payson residents worked very hard sometime ago to institute a dog leash law here in Payson. It has worked fairly well up to now.

Animal clinic practices 'strong-armed' tactics

I have been a longtime and very good client of a certain veterinary clinic here in town. Recently, I had a recurring problem with one of my six dogs. She was treated at this clinic twice. The third time she had a flair-up with the same problem, I chose to get a second opinion from a different veterinary clinic. The result, a new diagnosis, new medication and, on a happy note, my dog is fine.

Longhorns lose bid for sixth state crown

Payson High School's wrestling team was unstoppable until Saturday night.

Gladys Russell

Gladys C. Russell, 77, of Payson, died Feb. 11, 2001, in Payson. She was born Feb. 21, 1923, in Chicago, Ill. and had lived in Arizona for the past 54 years.

100-foot tower would destroy neighborhood

A proposed 100-foot tower, by an out of town company, close to the middle of Payson, on a beautiful hill, in a town-regulated residential neighborhood.

Retired rocket scientist helped blaze trails across the moon

There is one thing that no one has ever said about Ted Beck:


Life without chocolate, a sour state of affairs

Nobody should have to get along in this world without chocolate. The Marquise de Sevigne knew that. She is remembered today solely, if at all, for her description of chocolate in a letter to her daughter in 1677.


Doctor orders prescription for forgiveness

As Valentine's Day approaches, I find myself thinking about the topic of forgiveness.

Jewell Meador

Jewell Lorene Meador, 83, of Payson, died Feb. 9, 2001, in Payson. She was born Jan. 12, 1918, in Louisburg, Mo.

Lady Horns head to state showdown

As the East region's tournament runner-up, the Lady Longhorn basketball team has earned the right to play in the 16-team Class 3A State showdown to begin today (Tuesday) at various sites in Flagstaff.

Horns hoop dreams end in rude awakening

A basketball season that once overflowed with promise ended in disappointment for the Payson High School basketball team.

All-American shares 'Stuff Good Players Should Know'

Former Duke University academic All-American Dick Devenzio oversees a series of basketball camps that attract aspiring players from around the country.

Couple celebrates 50 years

Robert B. Biggs and Audrey J. Chapman were married Feb. 24, 1951.


When Payson High School sophomores Randy Perham and Daniel Jacobs sit down for a little one-on-one video game action, things seem to get personal fast.

Greenhouse produces lessons to grow on

Trying to keep up with demand, 17-year-old market analyst Jennifer Boyd keeps her finger on the pulse of Rim country produce prices. As co-director of Payson High School's Greenhouse Program, she prices, advertises and sells the produce that her co-director Alicia Meadows and 10 independent-study students grow in the school's greenhouse.

Neal, Vela to marry

Anna Mae Neal and John Ryan Vela will be married at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 17 at the Tonto Apache gym.

Rebuilding from the rubble

Payson-based organization helps city recover from quake

More than 1 million El Salvadorans have been affected by the earthquake that rattled Guatemala Jan. 13, and some 500,000 of them have been left homeless.

Propane tanker flips on highway

Traffic on Highway 260 was blocked briefly Monday after a 9,000-gallon propane tanker overturned and skidded 300 feet into an embankment between Star Valley and Preacher Canyon.

Payson student population drops first time in 12 years

For the first time in 12 years, the Payson Unified School District has seen a decrease in student population.

Teachers say 'no' to salary schedule

Veteran American studies teacher Bob Hoyt of Payson High School and dozens of other teachers packed the Payson School District Board meeting Monday to protest the district's proposed salary schedule. The new schedule would add $3,700 to beginning teacher salaries, but would reduce the raises some veteran teachers would be eligible for next year.

Fire code petition backers move ahead

Rim country merchants say they are encouraged by the town's recent efforts to involve developers in an ongoing assessment of impact fees and code compliance costs but they're not ready to give up on their drive to have fire code amendments placed on the ballot.

Trio wreck storage yard with forklift

Three 11-year-old boys stole a forklift Thursday and were caught redhanded ramming it into vehicles and vandalizing other equipment in a storage yard, Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said.

Bruce Mercer

Bruce Nelson Mercer, 50, of Payson, died Feb. 1, 2001, in Payson. He was born Oct. 7, 1950, in Phoenix.

Saturday, February 10

Around the Rim Country

The nuts and bolts of a Rim country romance

Valentine's Day is Wednesday, and love is in the air. That's the good news.

Review Feature

Looking for love in cyberspace

Wordlessly, we gazed into each other's eyes; liquid pools which reflected the hopeless romanticism in both of our throbbing hearts.

Thursday, February 8

Clarice Streling

Clarice Addie Koedyker Streling, 80, of Payson, died Feb. 5, 2001, in Payson.

Payson woman mauled by dogs on Main Street

When Kathleen Kelly first saw them, they did not look at all menacing. But within a fraction of a second, the three canines began their attack snarling, snapping and biting Kelly and her own dog, who she'd been walking down Main Street toward Green Valley Park on sunny Sunday afternoon.

Daisy Lynn Clifton

Daisy Lynn Clifton was born Jan. 19, 2001, to parents Casey and Leah Clifton of Payson.

Taryn Ella Foster

Taryn Ella Foster was born to Ryan and Debbie Foster Feb. 5, 2001, at Chandler Hospital.

Peters invited to kick Down Under

Payson High School soccer standout Branden Peters hopes to raise the needed cash quickly for a chance of a lifetime to compete with other players from around the world in Australia. While there he will also have the chance to learn about social cultures very different from anything he has seen before.

School board to consider raises to lure new teachers

A plan to increase beginning teacher salaries by $3,700 and eliminate five Payson School District staff positions was introduced Thursday at a meeting of the Payson Superintendent's Advisory Council.

Payson crossroads to receive makeover

After a protracted debate, the Payson Town Council unanimously voted Thursday to reshape the intersection between Highway 260 and the Beeline as part of a joint project with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Genealogical library loses building offer

Northern Gila County Genealogical Society officials thought they had a plan to establish permanent roots in the Rim country. But that plan went awry recently when the anonymous donor who offered to build the society's new building withdrew the offer.

Five sibs pose for Playboy

It's not uncommon for a proud mother to show off pictures of her children, but it's less common for a mother to show off pictures of her five topless daughters.

Middle school strikes up madcap musical

When the curtain rises on "Lumberjacks and Wedding Belles" Friday and Saturday evening, the audience at the Rim Country Middle School musical production will be in for about 100 minutes of non-stop action, punctuated by plenty of laughs, song and dance.

Sometimes humans stand in for angels

A woman was attacked by a pack of dogs on Main Street Sunday. The 54-year-old Payson resident, Kathleen Kelly, wrote the Roundup a letter that illustrates the drama of what happened.

How much will it cost, and who's paying for it?

In your Feb. 6, 2001 editorial in the Roundup your opening sentence reads: "It's puzzling that some people in town are comfortable placing tourniquets on the veins of our local economy."

A dream for our abandoned pets

I have a dream. There's a place in Payson where cast away animals find refuge; where kind people show them the other side of human nature; where a clean bed, a full bowl and gentle, caring staff and volunteers gladly give walks and loving strokes to animals that have been neglected and abandoned.

Clinton protected our forests to death

This letter is in response to the two editorial cartoons the Roundup ran the last two weeks. They imply that George W. Bush would chop down our forests and charge fees to everyone who uses them. They also imply that Bill Clinton was the savior of all our forests.

PHS matmen on to state

If the 2001 edition of the Payson Longhorn wrestling team is to pin down its sixth consecutive state championship this weekend in Phoenix, it will have to do so with only 11 qualifiers in the 15 weight divisions.

Lubken earns scholarship from Glendale Community

Lady Longhorn softball pitcher Tiffany Lubken, a Payson High senior, has signed a letter of intent to play next season for Glendale Community College.

Loss to Falcons spells end of Longhorns' hoop dreams

Battling in the second round of the East regional tournament in Whiteriver, the Longhorn boys basketball team lost 60-54 to the Alchesay Falcons.

Lou Landers

Lou Maxine Landers, 70, of Payson, died Feb. 8, 2001, in Payson.

Lucille Pieri

Lucille Pieri, 70, of Payson, died Feb. 5, 2001.

History honored at America West Arena

Fans who journey to Phoenix America West Arena for the high school state basketball championships will be in for a real treat.

Chester Wiley

Chester Arthur Wiley, 72, of Payson, died Feb. 7, 2001.


Valentines abound in Pine, Strawberry

Here are some great Valentine ideas for you and your sweetheart.

Monday, February 5

Brawling fans cast shadow on wrestling regionals

Saturday should have been a day young athletes from the Rim country and White Mountains could showcase their athletic skills.

Longhorn hoops enter playoffs in 7th place

As the seventh-place regular season finisher in the eight-team East region, the Longhorns' boys basketball team faces the unenviable task of opening the playoffs tonight on the road against the Holbrook Roadrunners.

Video offers hope to the broken hearted

I thought your Catholic readers (and possibly others) might be interested in a new video I just saw.

New gas station is not needed

Why do we need another gas station? There must be at least 8 to 10 in town now.

Roger Sanborn

Roger Charles Sanborn, 86, of Payson, died Saturday Feb. 3, 2001.

Henrietta Gifford

Henrietta H. Gifford, 81, of Payson, died Jan. 31, 2001, in Payson.

Lady Horns increase season record, 11-3

With an 11-3 record and a third place finish in the East behind champion Round Valley and runnerup Snowflake the Lady Longhorns hoop squad earned a bye in the first round of the regional playoffs and home-court advantage in the second round.

Restaurant manager fears town highway plan will reroute business

McDonald's manager Larry Best is worried a proposal to extend the median on Highway 260 from Highway 87 to South Goodnow Road will drive him out of business.

Longhorns win regional, on track for another state championship

As Payson High wrestling coach Dennis Pirch predicted last week, the East regional tournament in Wilson Dome Saturday tested the mettle of the Longhorn wrestling team, Arizona's five-time defending state champion.

County's rabies rate second-highest in state

With the continued discovery of rabid animals around the Rim country, Gila County Health officials are warning the public to avoid contact with bats and other wild animals that may be carrying the virus.

Brawling fans interrupt action at East regional wrestling tournament

While wrestlers from around central Arizona battled for East region supremacy Saturday, a fight broke out in the stands that for a few moments took the focus off the competition at Wilson Dome.

PHS Job Shadow students receive on-the-air training

Payson High School students participated in a job shadowing program Friday that allowed them to shadow local tradesmen and professionals to learn first-hand how their jobs are done.

Time for the 'silent majority' to step forward

The Door Stop wants to come to Payson.

Cancer Society dedicates Kevin's Lodge

When Kevin Vry died of kidney cancer in 1999, his young son Patrick was afraid no one would remember his father, but his employer, Barry Grant of US Homes, found a most appropriate way.

Grin and bear it

Kids' program gives children something to smile about

Most children equate a visit to the dentist with unspeakable horrors.

M. Allen Anspaugh

M. Allen Anspaugh, 41, of Mesa, Ariz., died Feb. 1, 2001, in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

PHS friends are worlds apart

Hanna Ludwig is a city girl, born and raised in San Diego. Hester Kane is a country girl, born and raised right here in the Rim country.

Cooperative study sessions next for road repairs

Please accept my congratulations. A much repeated vote has been finalized and I have to accept the will of the clear majority of the property owners.

Blueprint for Keegan to help improve education in Arizona

I'm glad that Lisa Graham Keegan wasn't selected by President Bush to be the next US Secretary of Education.

Community needs new treatments for economy

It's puzzling that some people in town are comfortable placing tourniquets on the veins of our local economy.

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Scott Clark, 29, of Payson, died Jan. 30, 2001, in Payson.

Michael Cardis

Dr. Michael Nicholas Cardis, 80, of Carefree, Ariz., died Feb. 2, 2001, in Phoenix.

Clayton Brown

Clayton Brown, 84, of Payson, died Feb. 3, 2001, in Payson.

Dog park idea fetches interest and support


In last week's column, I floated the idea of establishing an enclosed dog park in Payson, prompted by a visit to such a facility in Scottsdale recently. I promised more information on the subject, so here goes.

Rim country's helpful hardware man handy with a business plan

Payson People

John Patricia is just about the most easygoing, pleasant, always smiling, all-around comfortable fellow you could imagine hanging out with.

Saturday, February 3

Around the Rim Country

A pet by any other name ...

With Valentine's Day coming up, it's traditional for "Around the Rim" to revisit the nature of the male/female relationship.

Review Feature

Ahh, there's the rub

Oh, I know I shouldn't complain. There are harder ways to earn a living than journalism. I could be a coal miner, for example. Or an air-traffic controller. Or Elizabeth Taylor's divorce lawyer. Or President Dubya's English teacher.

Thursday, February 1

Aztec takes Payson to the mat, 34-30

In the fierce and hotly contested battle between two of the top wrestling teams in the country, Aztec (N.M.) edged out Payson, 34-30 Saturday.

Youth Tumbling

Parks & Recreation

Due to high demand, a second session has been added to the youth tumbling program. The additional class will meet from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feb. 12 through March 7. Participants must be in grades K-6. The fee is $15 per child, and class size is limited to the first 40 participants to sign up. This class fills quickly, so sign up now.

Copper State Jam next weekend

For the past two years, one of the highlights of the state's junior high/middle school winter basketball scene was the Copper State Jam Tournament held in the Tonto Apache reservation gymnasium.

Austin, Zerbe to wed

Cassandra Marie Austin and Joseph Caleb Zerbe of Tempe will be married at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 17 at Payson First Assembly of God Church.

Ode to the Pony Express

Via Pony Express

One person, one vote

In reality, the Florida Supreme Court ordered only the undervotes, votes that were never counted even once for president be handcounted.

Perhaps water impact fees should be higher

The article of Jan. 12 on impact fees is of considerable interest. Giving the local construction industry the power to review impact fees before they're implemented by the town is like having the fox in the hen house.

Payson workers clamoring for better wages

Two months after James and Sioux Hill of Chandler told the Payson Town Council they were interested in moving their cabinet door manufacturing company to Payson, they had 61 job applications on their desks from Rim country residents.

Edwin Musgrove

Edwin Wick Musgrove, 75, of Pine, died Jan. 27, 2001, in Cottonwood. He was born Feb. 25, 1925, in Tucson.

Michael Laumb

Michael Eugene Laumb, 45, of Mesa, died at his home Jan. 28, 2001.

Earthquake draws doctor into heart of disaster

On Jan. 13, Dr. Gary Cornette of Payson had just arrived in Antigua, Guatemala as a volunteer for Do Care International, a worldwide medical aid organization through which he planned to provide medical services for the Central American country's Mayan Indian population.

Mold spores sprout at PES

A survey performed over Christmas vacation at Payson Elementary School confirmed the presence of mold and fungi spores "virtually all over the school," but concentrations are far from dangerous to human health, according to Payson Unified School District Superintendent Herb Weissenfels.

Rim country insulated from power rate crisis

As Californians brace for more blackouts and some rural Arizonans rail against a 300-percent hike in electricity costs, Rim country residents will likely enjoy stable electricity prices and supplies, local APS manager Jim Spencer said this week.

Short on officers, PD sends detectives back to the streets

The Payson Police Department has new badges, but not enough officers to pin them on.


Silence holds stories for those who listen

Not long ago, I came upon a friend in the Valley of the Sun, one whom I hadn't seen for some time. She asked me where I was living. When I told her, she frowned and asked, "Strawberry? Where's that?"

Door-to-door meat sales don't always make the grade

Gila County health officials are warning Rim country consumers to be wary of door-to-door salespeople who are selling meat at cut-rate prices from the backs of their trucks.

Tanker accident forces evacuations

Residents in Geronimo Estates were evacuated for seven hours Tuesday after a nearly fully loaded propane tanker overturned on Forest Road 458 in the heart of the community.

Last chance for Payson Little League

Payson Little League officials have decided to host one final player registration session, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Feb. 5 in the Payson Police Department training room located at the town hall complex.