Cooperative Study Sessions Next For Road Repairs



Please accept my congratulations. A much repeated vote has been finalized and I have to accept the will of the clear majority of the property owners. The proposed method of financing the road repair and improving street drainage through the formation of an Improvement District is not the way to go for the concerned residents of Alpine Heights and Alpine Ridge.

With victory comes responsibility. I await, with great anticipation, your proposal to repair the streets and to improve the drainage in the concerned area. I would be glad to support a plan, which gives us a more prompt and less costly project. "Less costly project" to mean that the cost to the rest of the property owners in Payson will also be less than $600,000. Your task will be particularly difficult since our failure to qualify for current budgetary funds, puts us on a low priority until other worthy projects are completed. With each year of delay, inflation will mean higher costs even if the identical project is reactivated, 2-3 years from now.

Please do not consider this open letter an invitation to publicly debate the merits of various plans. This next stage calls for intensive, cooperative study sessions between yourself and the Town representatives. When you have agreed upon any new proposed action, I would hope that I would be able to give you my support.

Theodore F. Scholz, Payson

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