Time For The 'Silent Majority' To Step Forward



The Door Stop wants to come to Payson.

For the past six months, The Door Stop has been involved in discussions with the town's leaders about relocating our manufacturing facility to Payson. The company plans to employ about 50 Payson area residents, in full-time, year-around jobs with an average salary of over $25,000 per year. The Door Stop also offers health insurance and other company-paid employee benefits.

We are now approaching the time of final decision. Will The Door Stop be coming to Payson, or not? This decision will be made over the next three meetings of your town council.

The members of the town council want to do their best to respond to the wishes of Payson's residents, but when the voices of our supporters remain silent, and the shouts of those opposed are heard at every meeting, it's easy to conclude that a company offering permanent jobs with benefits just isn't very important to Payson's working families.

Based upon the response we've received from Payson residents, this is far from the truth. The Door Stop has received over 60 job applications, resumes, letters, and e-mails from local residents supporting our move, as well as countless inquiries by telephone. The Door Stop has already hired two Payson area residents as supervisor trainees at salaries in excess of $25,000 per year, who are commuting to our Valley location.

Payson's support for jobs has been overwhelming, but until now it's been a silent support that was heard only by The Door Stop. This silence must now become a roar so your wishes cannot be ignored. Together, we can make this move a reality, but without a showing of support, those vocal few will continue to express their opposition at every town council meeting.

We ask you to call or write your council members, tell them of your support for jobs, and attend this next council meeting with us. It's time for the "silent majority" those who may have never attended a town council meeting before to stand-up and be counted.

The next council meeting will be at 6 p.m., Feb. 8 at Payson Town Hall. We'll be there to answer any questions you may have about employment opportunities with The Door Stop. We hope to see you there too.

James Hill, Chandler

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