Video Offers Hope To The Broken Hearted



I thought your Catholic readers (and possibly others) might be interested in a new video I just saw. It's called "What We Have Lost ... and the Road to Restoration."

It was produced by a traditional Catholic lay group in Arizona, and documents the many changes that have taken place in the Catholic Church since the close of the Second Vatican Council in 1965. For example, the video uses before and after pictures to show the destruction of church architecture, inside and out. And it tells how church statuary and art have been lost and how the music has been secularized.

And it even gets into the radical changes that have taken place in all the sacramental rites of the church, including the new rite of the Mass, which is now called the "Novus Ordo" all things that are very important to most of us Catholics.

True, a lot of the video is not pretty. Seeing churches bulldozed, hearing rock music at Mass, and seeing priests wearing Mickey Mouse ears and dancing the limbo in the sanctuary may be more than some people want to know about.

But it's not all bad news. The video also offers hope and inspiration to those who are broken-hearted over the present state of the church and suggests what they can do about it.

I wish all Catholics could get to see this video. No doubt some won't like it, that's their choice. But to most Catholics, it'll be a real eye-opener.

If any of your readers want more information, they should contact the Arizona group by writing to ISOC, Box 17984, Fountain Hills, AZ. 85269. Or they can call (480) 471-9009.

Robert H. Wardein

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