A Dream For Our Abandoned Pets



I have a dream.

There's a place in Payson where cast away animals find refuge; where kind people show them the other side of human nature; where a clean bed, a full bowl and gentle, caring staff and volunteers gladly give walks and loving strokes to animals that have been neglected and abandoned.

It's the Payson Humane Society on McLane Road. It sounds like a nirvana for animals, but the downside is that if there's not enough room, animals are on a 30-day fuse the end of the road.

I have a dream. The dream is that people would realize that when their pets produce litters of kittens and puppies, 90 percent of them will not find lasting homes. They become the throw-away products that our society is so fond of. Only they are not the same as the beer cans and cigarette butts that litter the highway. Abandoned pets have broken hearts and sad eyes. Much of this grief could be avoided by neutering pets at six months of age. It would also free up taxpayer dollars for other important needs.

I have a dream. The Payson Humane Society is housed on a tiny piece of land and the facility is sadly lacking in space. It would be wonderful if they had a five-acre site with space for walking paths and large playpens for the dogs. The site would have trees and shrubs so that when the pets looked out the windows, they could at least dream of freedom instead of concrete enclosures. The facility would be inviting and conveniently located on Highway 260 or Highway 87, so that people would be reminded of its existence, and perhaps stop by to consider adopting a pet.

With generous donations and grants, perhaps this could be a reality.

Diane Brown, Payson

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